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the suffering

I do not comprehend this world or why i was born unto it or why we have to suffer to learn . the many degrees of pain hurt all to become an evolved enlightened creature. Yes I have lashed out many times in my existence although it was only after I had been hurt then i became so lost in the pains now I lash out in every direction with nowhere to turn run or no hopes of defending myself I can however comprehend why a god all alone would try to create company for itself and then be distraught with the creation that never really appeased his alone but only soothed the never ending for a brief moment in hopes his own creations could destroy the entity he is and the prison set forth unto him, yet it destroys each other and still the purgatory of everlasting drags on alone )= the end of ends

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the world

the world is a beautiful place enjoy every second each moment and the ones u get to spend it with give to your fellow man and receive the world in return smile and see the sun

today is the day

today is the day i must change myself for tomorrow i may be different i have to start somewhere