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Brother And Sister Reverbnation Artists

I refer to you all, because, all of you make one feel like family and that is what our great organization is all about.......a family of Entertainers, Musicians and vocalists who are great performers, but, with no jealousy can and do admire and compliment his/her fellow artists' musical works. Now, Just do this, next time you are fanned or fan back a brother/sister artist, Open their music and listen. We can all learn from one another. I know I do and its such a delight to hear some of the greatest music being produced in our time. The arrangements and vocals will just blow your mind with its creativity as well as mood set you on a entertainment level. By doing this we all can learn from one another , thereby enhancing our own performances and styles . Become their friend and communicate with them. This is true artistry.........listening to our Brothers and Sisters of Reverbnation. God Bless you all. Keep a good hard work ethic, because I love all of you guys musical works

Reverbnation Artists

Just when I thought I had a good idea of who all you guys are out there I was inundated with being fanned by over 50 # 1 reverbnation artists from not only across the country but other countries as well and in fairness I listened to their recordings to gain a better idea of what genre of music they performed and if I liked it. Well, to my surprise, I liked some and loved most. Yes, I did. I have to say these artists really put their heart and soul in to their music turning out what I believe are real winners/Hits and they probably will be when the time is right and the right people come along to hear it. These guys are so cool and collected and very modest by being very thankful to each and every one of their fans for joining their base. These artist further expressed that they are never satisfied with the vocals and try to improve upon them with each new recording as their work ethic does not allow for "The Excuse Tape"(A old expression in the biz describing a recording not satisfactory to the artist) I listened to groups such as Yaway, six young girls with angelic voices giving 110% of their efforts to perform a set of great songs. A solo artist like Dominique Daluise performing a diverse song list with powerful vocals second to none. I can go on and on with naming these great artists and musicians, but I would be here for eternity since we have so many members. Yes these are the Reverbnation Artists and yes they are rated # 1 in their local, but they were not born there, they worked very hard to earn those ratings and to maintain them. So if you are an aspiring artist, take a look at these guys and Gals, I know I do and we can all learn from one another. From the 30's to the 80'smost music had a story line expressed by the musician or artist to reach out and touch its fans. Then we had a dry spell for a few years with a lot of music leaving no impression or emotion with the listener. After 2000, writings started changing . Better compositions and arrangements along with challenging vocals were being produced. Well, if you listened to as many songs as I have in the past two days you would almost find it difficult to find one you didn't like. So look into our friends and co-artists creations and fan them. They will fan you back, we are a tight group and that is what its all about here on Reverbnation.

Who Are Reverbnation Artists

Wow! All you have to do is follow some of these Artists work and listen to their stuff to find out there are a lot of up and coming super stars members just waiting to be discovered. These people are passionate about their work and strive hard to compose and produce hit songs consisting of years of musicianship and trained and strained vocals sometimes in collaboration with other musicians and artists. With over 2 million members, one could spend a lot of time finding their favorites, But they are all here on this site. So look for them as we artists look at one another and admire their works.