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some new songs from my TESTEROSSAS project... hope you enjoy!

my fav is MOLLY and WTH?...check em out and drop me a comment!

TITS CREW! https://soundcloud.com/imjaysmithbiatch


LISTEN UP! THE TESTEROSSAS HAVE A WEEKLY OPEN MIC CALLED UBERVARIETY! ..Uber means super. so its variety on a super level. The kick off night is gonna be a great lineup and we are looking to any of our friends, fans and aspiring networkers to come out and have a good time at our first Austin self produced show! Weinie Hut Jr is stoppin by! WEEEEEEINIIIIIIE HUUUUT! Im expecting Harris The Terrorist among the greats that are in the scheduled line up! Cory Kendrix, Todd Ferrari, Crew54, Mc Lunchboxx, Lace Tunes,Young Rue and MORE! A fire spinner! a couple comedians! a yodeler! plus people that will sign up the night of -aka stage talent of all origins (Musical, Poetic, Magical, etc) ! its gonna be fun as hell! if you or someone you know wants some stage time, we start at 830 with sign ups and Buck mixes the show as we go through the night, sign ups will close at 1030pm and there will only be slots (3-7 min slots) until 1am... you do the math, we aint no mathematicians, but thats a good and long show with plenty of slots!

SIMPLY PUT, we ALSO NEED men and women 21 years of age or older. Seeking audience members New show casting for weekly stage show every Wednesday.

Just think: "America's Got Talent meets Gong Show"

Please email or text inquiries (performers send video link of talent) submit by July 29th "Attention UBER-Buck!". jaysmith209@gmail.com or 702-714-0247 ...