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Electric General

Electric General is the third release from the North Carolina ensemble and it marks a significant development for the band. Most strikingly, the synth textures that were a prominent part of their sound are gone. The band has emerged with a leaner and more aggressive sound as each member carved out new territory in the frequencies abdicated by the keyboards. Steve Carr’s guitar is more massive and detailed while the rhythm section of Traywick Batson and Brunson Hoole is decidedly more active. John Enslinn’s taught delivery is as potent as ever and his lyrics benefit from the extra space in the midrange.

The seven songs on Electric General were recorded with My Morning Jacket sound engineer Ryan Pickett at his home studio in Durham, North Carolina. Tunes were hammered out quickly thanks to a series of strong preparatory shows, with all the backing tracks going down live in a single session. Songs were mixed to 1/4” tape and then brought back into ProTools for mastering. The result is a dense and powerful recording that packs a wallop.

Electric General is a available as a 10” vinyl record with silk-screened art by Ron Liberti with design input from John Ennslin. Each record comes with an mp3 download and can be purchased via CDBaby. NC residents can find them at CD Alley in Chapel Hill, Bull City Records and Offbeat Music in Durham. The album is available digitally with an alternate cover on iTunes and many of the other traditional outlets.