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Hello, and welcome back to Seaholm Mackintosh's blogdom. We're happy you made it safely through the treacherous terrain of madness and chaos that is the internet. The fact that you made it here, is something we pride ourselves in and thank you sincerely for. Thank you for stopping by. Now that you're here, please, sit back, relax and join us as we enjoy a rainy, grey day in mostly sunny San Diego. When it rains in San Diego, (and I mean "rains", as in wet stuff falling from the sky in sheets of blue grey beauty,) most San Diegan's will do anything to stay indoors where it's safe and warm, unless they absolutely must venture into the storm for work or other obligatory plans. Afterall, for those who rarely have to deal with condensation in their weather forcast, the rain soaked roads suddenly become a slick snake full of sliding sports cars (with little to no tread,) and the slowest moving traffic on the face of the planet, (with the exception of LA on any given day.) Hence, the ultimate reason to avoid travel of all sorts on a day like today. Warm in my cozy Beauty Rest bed, with Henry (a large white and orange tabby) asleep and warm on my feet as I write this blog for you. I'm listening intently to the slight sound of rain gutters spilling over in quick and short waterfalls, while the occasional car slowly runs through the wet road outside my window. The heater kicks on sporatically, breaking the tranquil rainsong as it breathes heavy gusts of warmth into the quiet house, while my incessant typing joins the breaking of the silence in the room like a rhythmic drum. The cat never stirs. There's a certain quietness that is more so felt than heard on a rainy day like today. I slowly inhale. Feeling the cool, fresh, rainy day air fill my lungs until my belly rises fully, then steadily, I attempt to release all my troubles, anxiety, fears and pain with the outgoing exhale. I try to concentrate on typing as I breathe...Noticing the words coming more smoothly as each breath takes me deeper into relaxation. My mind clears... as I focus on the the air moving to and from my core in a rythmic pattern. There is hot tea and a tall glass of cold orange juice to my right. The garbage at my feet is now full of tissues and coughdrop wrappers, and my nose is red and raw. My head feels like a ballon at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. The deep breaths weren't easy on a day like today. I have a cold. The first one in years. My best friend is at the other end of the house trying to avoid getting sick, while also trying to give me everything I need to get better...love fills the quiet air. Wise men say that "When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy." There are a few things in my life that could be healthier, including my lawn and bank account. But right now, the only thing that will make my heart happy is by finishing the song we started writing the other day..."Bliss." So, please excuse me and thank you again for stopping by. Your visit means the world. :) Have a beautiful day, whether it be rainy and grey, cold and snowy, or hot and sunny, and please make sure your heart is at ease. If it's not, may you too, get well soon.

Seaholm Mackintosh Blog number ONE

What is it that brought us together, you ask? Well... Due to the complimentary musical abilities we share, there were also methods and skills to be taught and handed down from one to another. One being musical inclination, talent and imagery, the other being the heavier side of the music world, the art of business and marketing. Without one, the other would fail to go anywhere, and vice versa... With that said, you might say that the universe brought Brooke and Sven together to compliment their already developed skills in areas previously described, and furthermore, there is no other need to continue the silly questions of what, why, how we came to be together in this musical equation, so thoughtfully prepared and exectuted for the sole purpose of reaching you, the listener. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask, and we will do our damndest to answer them philosophically and honestly in our upcoming blogs. But in all seriousness, thank you for your interest...If you want to know more about why we began our musical journey together, please take a moment to listen....no, really listen to the music we've made just for you to hear. We hope you enjoy what our hard work and efforts have created. Because of you, we have a reason to share these things. Thank you for your support, from the bottom of our hearts. Seaholm Mackintosh