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given away.

tonight i'll say i miss you. i'm so sorry that i kissed you. your cheeks your eyes, your lips.. everything replays over in my mind. as i think about that night and wonder why i even gave myself so easily. i wonder if you're even worth the fight, because i'm fighting, on hands and knees wondering why i even game you the time of day. this isn't just something i give away

[chorus] it's funny because i'm lying telling myself i'm not easy does that make me easy? can't you see i'm dying?

the whiskey brings me closer to your memory and as the door closes on my broken heart i look up and don't see any window open for me to climb through and see another day stronger without you. all i can say is wow, what was i thinking it happened all while i was blinking.. and it wasn't something i just give away..


[bridge] you said you'd be there to hold me when i was scared. but where, where the hell are you now?

it isn't just something i give away..

for tim..

"i'm not like other guys" the words so innocently said after your try to get me further than i wanted to go. I believed and recklessly fell, two things i regret, you fooled me so well.

[chorus] you're so weak. I let you in, I lowered my guard. you chose to walk away, leaving me scarred.

after all the promises, words that made me smile.. where are you now? what happened to the "i'm not going anywhere" or "i'll stay for awhile"? I showed you my weaknesses, I opened up my heart you accepted with open arms, should've been a warning from the start.

[chorus] you're so weak. I let you in, I lowered my guard. you chose to walk away, leaving me scarred.

today i heard you're with her now. do you feed her the same lies? mesmorize her with the lines you speak so well. it's finally clear who you are, there's no feeling..it's all a show.

i hope you wake up one day to find out who you really are. friends gone, fed up with your pathetic excuses as to why you won't grow up or go far. next time i won't believe.. i won't be fooled again.