Holler from Waller

Well Waller has a new video for a new song Beauty Queen. We got shows tis summer all arounf the southeast Stay tuned to www.hollerforwaller.com

Back In The Saddle Again

First day of tracking here at Big City Thinking Studios in EAV! Great to see all the hard work everyone has put into the last several months of pre-production come to fruition!! Many thanks to all of the fans, friends and family that helped with the Kickstarter campaign and made this new album a reality! We will be sure to keep everyone posted on our progress! We will be opening at The Earl this Wednesday for Efren and Little Country Giants, hope to see you there! ~Holler!

2011 we begin

2010 brougth about the creation and cultivation that is now called WALLER. I moved back to Atlanta after many years in late 2008? I played solo for awhile. I reunited with a childhood friend Tiffany Leigh and began gathering musicians for a band. Joel Glogowski started playing Stand up bass in March 2010. We asked him to learn a set of music for 2 shows which turned into 20 or so and traveled to Asheville, Johnson City, Weaverville. As a trio WALLER went to record with Big City Thinking and under the direction of Zac Caplan and Adam Lavinsky put out 7 songs on Nov 19th 2010. All 200 of the original pressing were gone after a month. After a month and half We are reviving oursleves, practicing,and learning new songs. We play the 529 for our good friends I Want Whisky's 7inch release(Georgia Slim played harmonica on our cd) and Rolling Nowhere( Matt Green played the banjo on our cd) The EP is called "My Poor Queen" it is available at www.waller1.bandcamp.com Weve got big things planned for the spring and are excited to watch this music thing grow and become something wonderful. We look forward to the first weekend in March with Johnson's Crossroad. 5 spot with Jeremy Aggers and then the Sentient Bean in Savannah. We have just made 600 more cds! we are gonna hand print them again as well. We are a DIY band. We plan on having this thing support itself and grow into our only means of income. We plan on recording late spring for a 7 inch. We plan on playing music Thanks and see you out real soon!


I recorded a demo with Believe in the early days of 2009. I went to Big Bend and the Gila Wilderness. I traveled back and forth to Asheville and surrounding areas. I played the Atlanta area builing musicians for a bigger project. November I began recording with Blake Long. I am in this process right now as of Nov. 25th. This journey has been interesting,challenging, and moving. I'm moving forward. Just try to catch this bird.