!Bienvenidos a ReverbNation! (Uhhh, hey guys.)

What's happenin', cyber-loving rock fans?! As you may have seen over the past couple months we've been promoting our new ReverbNation profile. We are seriously digging this site and think you'll all dig it too. Lots of cool features like our email list, where we can get all signees a free exclusive track at the click of a button, as well as all sorts of boring industry shit so we can look at our quest for world domination in ones and zeros!

Speaking of exclusive brand new tracks, we'll be going into the studio in beautiful downtown Fresno (insert ironic punctuational smiley face here) starting the first (is that proper use of "ironic"?) week (does ANYONE even really know what the proper use for "ironic" is anyways?) of (who cares anymore?!) September, which means we'll have these elusive "new tracks" for you all very soon. It's like hunting a wildebeest, getting in the studio is. Wait, wait, wait, prepare, prepare, prepare, then GO!!! Then throw half of what you prepared out the window once the tape (ahem, hard drive) starts rolling (uh, driving hard). We're hella stoked about this cuz we've been writing tons of new songs and we gotta feelin' (that tonight's gonna be a good night) that you'll dig 'em as much as we do. For the most part, the songs are a bit heavier and more driving than before, but there are exceptions. An old tune called "One Night, One Day" has reared its ugly head again and it's groovier than ever, but pretty melodic. Still rockin', but melodic. That's okay, right? You guys like stuff you can sing along to, don't ya? And there are some more "Dumb" type ballads kickin' around too. I'm a sucker for ballads and proud of it!!

And speaking of "Dumb"...two announcements: 1) Some of you may have heard that we recently re-recorded a totally new version of "Dumb" with Brian Wheat producing at J St. Recorders in Sacramento, CA. Just got the mastered version and it sounds H.U.G.E. So that'll be high on the list of "exclusive free downloads for email list signees" very soon--tell a friend and get 'em to sign up! 2) We just got in some brand new T-shirts that many people have been asking for. They've got the DRB skull&wings logo on the front and "I Wanna Be Dumb" in big letters on the back. Very cool. Support DRB with a line from our song on your back!! Buy 'em now at www.bandjive.com. More cool "ass" merch to come soon too...

Anyhoo, that's about it in the late night world of Dave Rude. Just wanted to get you acquainted with my subconscious--he wants to be friends with you. Really, he does. He might call you too often and text you during dinner with your family, but he just wants a little love. Don't we all...--DAVE RUDE