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And a very Merry Christmas to you all!

As I write this, Jimmy The Dog is currently sitting in 7th position in the Reverbnation UK National Americana charts and I want to thank all our Reverbnation fans for helping to make this happen. It's been quite a year, but we've got a second album on digital download now and looking at the distribution stats, the new album, launched back in September is selling as far away as Australia! I think it's fair to say that the band's highlight was our appearance at the Ealing Blues Festival in London back in July. Since then, I've been busy getting out the new album and the the other guys have been making their own waves - Neil's releasing his own album soon and has completed a CD with his other band Blues Cruise (also on Reverbnation, very good, check them out), Stu moved to Barcelona with his new day job but came back to play the Swanage Blues Festival (UK) with Jason Manners' 3 Buck Shirt and Dave has been having big-time success on his own and has been providing theme music and background incidental music for BBC 1's primetime cookery programme hosted by Mary Berry! I've been doing some London-based gigs, occasionally one or two with Neil in Reading and have been writing and recording new material. There's been a fair few more Reverbnation fans accrued this year too. These include recent fans Senopia, Velma Cale, The Frisbys, Charlie Savigar, Jeff Crew, Troy Castellano, David Jewell, Alterity, Rockin' Andrew Williams, Simon Veasey, Songs Unsung, The Subway Poets, Keith Scott, Chris Aable, Raji K, The Pieces of Mind, Rev John H, Bezel, Rikki Dee Hall, David Reo, BlackLine, The Family, Madam Racoon, The Katts, Vish E, Angelical Tears, The Lemon Johns, Eric Sawyer, Slow Thorn, Garry Jackson, Paulo Emilio Franco Londono, Hurricane Ruth, Niagara String Band, Rock Robster, Bootleg, Marat Shamsoutdinov, Wessley Moreland, Jacky O' Grady, Jens Stage, Chris McLernon, shawofomaha and most recently, JP and The Razors. It remains for me to thank you all and for taking the time to listen to Jimmy The Dog. Next year's a week away and I'm taking it easy right now, but looking foward to (hopefully) a couple of festival appearances and...maybe...some radioplay! Thanks for all your support and best wishes to you all for 2015 when it comes around...........Jimmy.

"New Tricks" released 29th September 2014!!

And finally!! The second Jimmy The Dog album is available on digital download from 29th September 2014! It's been over a year in the making and "New Tricks" is finally available on iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay, Beats Music, Rdio and Deezer for $9.99(US) or £7.99(UK) and features the exceptional guest talents of Garry "The Slide Guy" Smith - London's premier National slide guitar player, Kim Lenaghan and Helen Cuthbertson Reid on backing vocals and band member Neil Packman on harmonica. There's even a duet with Jimmy and Helen! The 16 tracks were largely recorded before the touring band came together, so Jimmy's on keyboards, guitars, bass and drum programming again on this one and the process was not without it's equipment failures and other minor difficulties but which, however, allowed for some extra time for reflection and improvement. The feel of this album is generally more uptempo and light-hearted than the first and there's more emphasis on rockin' blues and roots retro and less on country, raunch more than romance, blatant directness more than political correctness and even some songs that tell a story. Truth and lies, Cops and Dealers, Preachers and Demons, Werewolves and Vampires, Lover's revenge, Murder and cannibalism, Good love and Bad love and the good old Open Road. It's all there. Go on, download this fully mastered, 71-minute-long collection of 16 tracks (I think that used to be called a "double album" years ago). Better than listening to our demo stuff you'll find for free on SoundCloud. I don't think you'll be disappointed!! Thanks, Jimmy

A bit of new album news....

Check out "Roll On", why don'tcha? It's going to be on the new album, which when it comes out, will be titled "New Tricks". In fact, so are the first five tracks on this site...and we're pretty excited! You know how it is, fiddling round with ideas, getting a bit frustrated....then all of a sudden new lyrics start to present themselves on a daily basis, ideas congeal and you've got the guts of an album. That's where we're at now, and hopefully, the album will be iTunes and other stores during summer '14. Enjoy! James B.

New recordings and...we've even more fans..thank you!

Well, I know it's been a while since the last blog post, but I've been busy writing new material for the next album. About half the songs are written and recorded, and you can hear a couple of them on Reverbnation. This album's going to be be a bit more musically diverse and more edgy than the eponymous effort and will feature guest players and singers on about a quarter of the tracks, all of whom are great!

And many thanks to our new Reverbnation fans who have signed up since our last blog post; Mr. Fro$en Wat3r, Sweet Creme Puff Prophets, Double G and the Coolbeans, Maikuru Kinigu, Chris Rachel Ragbir, The Stereophonic Ears, Msmarilyn Miles, Matthew Johnston, Michael Roxx, Johnny Miller The Riverside Cowboy, TranKQuiLL, Creep List, Cowboy Hat and That Fuzzbox Voodoo, The Dark Sinatras, Anthony Fallacaro, DuSeane, Lesser Apostles, Martin Purvis, Star Lane, Emmett North Jr., Philip Steven Rowe, Crucial Brown Clicca, Jen Gloeckner, HISTERIA, James Carr and the Comrades, Austn, Rocky Rogers, HansenChat Music, Panic Anchor, Russ Rhyne, Shovenish and...(drum roll)... Thin Wire Fence. All very much appreciated. James.

New song uploaded!

For your enjoyment, country lovers! "Get Down, Get On Your Knees"

A big thank you to all our new fans...and news

A great big THANK YOU to all our new Reverbnation fans, without whom, we would never have made the UK No. 1 spot in Americana. We even broke through the Top 100, currently sitting at No. 74 as I write this. We've had radioplay on the BBC and played a festival or two this summer and it's been all very good. Now working on a new album, Jim's writing new material and hopefully it'll be ready by Christmas. I'm a lazy blogger and it's been two months since our last posting here, so, since the last time, thank you to all our new fans who are.....(ta dah, drum roll).....Chuck Brunicardi, Chloe's Pet Rhino, Doug Wilmarth, Spirit and the Bride, CWC, Vintage Radio Gods, Rick Guthier, Bonnie McGill, Desperate Hero, Dream Aria, Jay Ray Weylan, IANDSON, Judy Shire, 10 Blade, Lil'Kookie, Doeboy Entertainment, The Alley Tones, The Essence, Ride On Band, Marshinized Music, Michael Sena, Ancient Truth, Cassmark, Black Cat Bone, Electronic Blue, Ear Candy, Davo, Al Sykes Syndrome, Red James Band, Acoustic Music from Earth, 100 Miles Gone, Dwayne Langston, Fiorenza-Dowlin, Alan Pettifer, The Tokyo Flash Band, David Crotty, Kaleo Bishop, Donald McCrae, Pop Gin... and finally....Bourbon Barrow

Thanks to all our new fans!!

OK, here goes, attempting to post this lengthy blog post for the second time.. A huge thank you to all our new fans - I know, I need to get better at this networkin' thing. So thanks to....Interactive Murcia, Manlinx, The Swamp Players, Flaven, J9 Blues, Pablo Gordy, Rich Mahan, Dalie Dough Redline, Chase Encounter, Houston Music Production, Welli, The Passover Musical, Dennis O'Donnell, Muzehack, Shugar Kayne, Bryony Brooke, Al Ward, Jessup Dolly, Act of Love, John Rox, Chad Williams Band, Steve Walton, d.i.g., The Jeremy Graham Band, Jukejoint Handmedowns, Mark Barnes (the mega-original Mark and me have shared the same stage on many occasions), Chrlyhorse and The Ian McArthur Band. We really appreciate your support. If I've missed someone out, please forgive me, it's not intentional. If you get a chance, go on over to iTunes and post a comment on our new 'Jimmy The Dog' album. That would be soooo cool. All the best, James.

100+ Reverbnation fans!!

Thank you!!! The band now has over 100 reverbnation fans. Jim's been puting the finishing touches to our eponymous album, some of the fourteen tracks are on this page and we've been discussing artwork etc. The CD will be on sale at CD Baby early in the year...we hope... with digital downloads from there and on iTunes. And we're very happy that the Earwicker open mic night will now be every Tuesday at 7:30pm at the Drayton Court Hotel in Ealing!! The West London music scene's best open mic. is back!! It's a dog's life! Woof!!

Oh..and...please tell all your friends and co-musos to fan this band. Thankx. Trix.

Being thankful.......

I went to the relaunch of the Earwicker Open Mic night in west London last night, of which I've blogged before and it was great to make a connection again with artists who, to be honest, I've missed over the hiatus of the last three months. Enthusiastic applause really helps, but nothing makes for a family atmosphere quite like an evening of good live music where no particular individual has anything to gain but the enjoyment of sharing the evening with kindred spirits. It was after midnight when I left and found the early rise for work in the morning particularly difficult, but work passed pleasantly enough with my mind drifting back to last nights performances on more than the odd occasion. We songwriter/musicians are truly blessed. We have a kindredship which few other artforms can provide. I've had my share of hard times and I need to have something good to remind me of how lucky I actually am to keep my spirits high. In fact I have many things for which I am grateful, but there's nothing like a recent gold event to refresh and bolster a drooping enthusiasm.

I'm also very thankful to my Reverbnation fans, many of whom I have never met or even messaged. I'm only sorry that I don't say thanks often enough - and in the case of many of these fans, I'm sorry that I've never thanked them at all for having taken the time to listen to - and appreciate enough to sign up to be a fan to - my posted tracks here. I've recently realised that by not having responded in some way, I may have inadvertently left a fellow muso feeling a little dejected. It's easy enough to do....no time, can't be bothered, what difference does it make anyway 'coz it's only a website? etc. Which is why I'll be taking the time to visit you all and say "thanks for being a fan". I'll spread the joy in the knowledge that what goes around comes around. Sincerely, thank you.

The Earwicker Open Mic Night back on soon!

So glad to hear from Martyn, Jade and TJ that the Earwicker folks have found a new venue - the Drayton Court Hotel in Ealing! Restart date to be announced soon, most likely every Tuesday night. Can't wait to hear what attendees have come up with in the 10 week hiatus. If you're in London, it's a great open mic event - no fees, no pay at the door, unlike some and there are so many good talented artists and writers there. I'm gonna get my head down and write new stuff now.....btw, how did you all like Lipstick'n'Lumberjack???