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Summer 2012

Looking for gigs for the summer of 2012. NJ, PA, DE, MD,NY and possibly more if the right opportunity were there. Contact us with suggestions. Cheers HW

New music

Beginning to think of new recordings in the not so distant future. Thinking of revisiting a few oldies to give them a chance of new life as they should have been. 1. It Happens 2. Losin It 3. Monster 4. George Romero

Also thinking of a cover or two. One for sure in Immigrant song by Led Zeplin but maybe a few more.

Also do a few totally new tracks as well. We'll keep ya posted.



A Favor

Well, here we are, presented with more change but yet more opourtunity. We are finally a 5 piece by adding our friend Mr. Mike Shipton on bass and switching the incomperable Mike Kelly to his true stock and trade (lead guitar).

So, to the topic at hand. We ask anyone reading this for a small favor. Share us with a friend. Remember what it was like when you heard your favorite band for the 1st time? Who shared it w you? Do that same thing for us. Our friends, our fans, our family. 1 favor.

Cheers HW

Line up change

Tired of the music scene at the time, very modestly late 2008 The Hard Way was formed in Atlantic City NJ. We were a few friends just looking to play music the way we wanted to hear it. Wow have we progressed. With only 2 of the original members (Jack Warren vocals & Mike Kelly bass) we have changed a few times already over the years and as a band, grown exponentially. With the addition of our great friend Ken Souder on guitar came stability. Later the addition of the great Tom Sullivan on drums added thunder, speed, and dynamic shift. Now, we have switched our very unique bass player Mr. Kelly over to his true stock & trade, lead guitar. We have now added the fantastic bassist Mr. Mike Shipton.

This new line up brings us influences across the board from bands like.

Metalica, Pantera, Misfits, Hatebreed, Mudvayne, Slayer, Suicidal Tendancies, Dropkick Murphys, Black Sabbath, Blood for Blood, Minor Threat, Motley Crue and much much more........and that my friends is a mouthful indeed.

Stay tuned for greater things to come and get out to see us live. I assure you, you aint seen nothing yet!


Looking for someone to shoot a video for us. I have a concept but am open to interpretations. Track for either Revolution or Hate. Don't have a very big budget but will issue full director credits to the participant. Contact us on reverbnation or thehardwaynj@gmail.com



Its now Christmas 2011 and we are poised to really move forward. We have our new CD complete and are very proud. We are extremely excited to have new fans and to be giging. We plan on getting out allot to promote the CD both locally and beyond so keep an eye out for show dates. So merry Christmas, Happy new year and as always.



Recording dates

We are setting dates to finally record late May 2011. We have decided to go with WhyMe recording and use the expertise of Mr. Joe Deluca to both record and produce. We are spending a great deal of time on this in order to bring you the best that we can offer. We may be posting a few live recordings very shortly but will be removing all of the old material completely very soon. So feel free to come and steal it all while you can. We will continue to gig in the mean time but will not be too aggressive until the recording is complete. So when we are playing out come out and join us. All should be ready for distrobution early summer. Its time to clear the slate and allow all to hear what we should have been all along. We look forward to unleashing good quality material in the very near future. Cheers! HW


So here we are again with more changes. We are currently in another line up change but are staying the course. Those of you that have been with us from the begining know what a long and challenging road this has been. We'll be back soon and better than ever. We thank you all for your patience. We promise to make a grand return very soon. Regards, HW

Available on I tunes and more

We have signed up to be available on Itunes, rhapsody, and more should be processed soon. Check us out and by some tracks and spread the message of The Hard Way. Will keep you all posted. HW