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Five More Major FM Stations Feature Single

Five new stations in the Pulse 200 FM network now playing SHAUNI'S "We Walk Together" in heavy rotation: A-Pulse Radio- Atlanta, Georgia Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/atlanta C-Pulse Radio- Capetown, South Africa Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/capetown J-Pulse Radio- Jakarta, Indonesia Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/jakarta M-Pulse Radio- Mumbai, India Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/mumbai S-Pulse Radio- Seoul, South Korea Pulse 200 FM www.pulse200.com/seoul

See Who Is Featuring Shauni's Story

Beckman Media Company Brandon Scott September 28, 2014 Beckman Interviews New Artists of 2014 Mobcity Records Brandon Scott September 28, 2014 Marquix Global Network Brandon Scott, Reporter September 28, 2014 Sylvar Entertainment Corporation Brandon Scott, Reporter September 28, 2014 NEW MUSIC STARS OF 2014 - SHAUNI WILLIAMS - FEATURE STORY Avastar Entertainment Network Grey Castle News Corporation Reporter Brandon Scott September 14, 2014

Radio Stations playing Shauni's Music

You may request Shauni Williams Music from the following stations: KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA www.powerfm-radio.com/sanfrancisco KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA www.powerfm-radio.com/boston KPPR Radio Paris, France www.powerfm-radio.com/paris KRPR Radio Rome, Italy www.powerfm-radio.com/rome KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines www.powerfm-radio.com/manila KXRL Radio- Los Angeles, CA USA www.kxrl-radio.com KEDG Radio- Sydney, Australia www.kedg-radio.com KHSX Radio- Houston, Texas USA www.khsx-radio.com WLDN Radio- London, United Kingdom www.wldn-radio.com WMIC Radio- Miami, Florida USA www.wmic-radio.com Hot FM- KHTL Radio Los Angeles, California USA www.hotfm-radio.com/los-angeles.html Hot FM- KHTP Radio Phoenix, Arizona USA www.hotfm-radio.com/phoenix.html Hot FM- KHTS Radio Shanghai, China www.hotfm-radio.com/shanghai.html Hot FM- KHTI Radio Istanbul, Turkey www.hotfm-radio.com/istanbul.html Hot FM- KHTB Radio Buenos Aires, Argentina www.hotfm-radio.com/buenos-aires.html KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA www.powerfm-radio.com/san-francisco.html KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA www.powerfm-radio.com/boston.html KPPR Radio Paris, France www.powerfm-radio.com/paris.html KRPR Radio Rome, Italy www.powerfm-radio.com/rome.html KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines www.powerfm-radio.com/manila.html KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA www.kxrl-radio.com KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA www.khsx-radio.com WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA www.wmic-radio.com KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia www.kedg-radio.com WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom www.wldn-radio.com http://www.kxrl-radio.com/index/

My story on these major press syndicates and major radio station news feeds...

Two new major press syndicates have picked up my feature story: Avastar Entertainment Network www.avastar.tv Greycastle News Corporation www.greycastle.tv 2. Five major radio station news feeds have picked up my story: KXRL Radio- Los Angeles, CA USA www.kxrl-radio.com KEDG Radio- Sydney, Australia www.kedg-radio.com KHSX Radio- Houston, Texas USA www.khsx-radio.com WLDN Radio- London, United Kingdom www.wldn-radio.com WMIC Radio- Miami, Florida USA www.wmic-radio.com

Best Contemporary Christian Song Nominee!

Indie Music Channel Indie Music Channel November 17, 2013

Shauni Williams is a Nominee for the 2013 Indie Music Channel Songwriting Awards, Contemporary Christian Category! http://www.theindiemusicchannel.com/songwriterchristiannominees.htm Winners will be announced online via video presentation on Saturday November 23 on the Indie Music Channel, as well as on the websites of The Indie Music Channel network of radio stations across the country! - See more at: http://shauniwilliams.com/press#sthash.ipFg8S0f.dpuf

FIAT USA - Vote and get my new release FREE!

Starting November 5, my new 2013 release, "We Walk Together" will be available for fans to download for free from the FIAT USA Facebook page. Each download counts as a "vote". Fans can vote for as many bands as they like, but may only vote once for each band. I would be grateful for your vote for "We Walk Together" beginning Nov 5 through 19. VOTE HERE for Shauni Williams "We Walk Together" starting Nov 5!


Special thanks....

You may have seen that my new song "We Walk Together" is Winner of Best Song June 2013 in The Akademia Music Awards, Nominee for the HMMA Awards this year, and Winner of "Best Contemporary Christian" in 2011 HMMA Awards.

Special thanks is due to a number of people who made all this possible. I want to thank the person responsible for the "flawless production"; he is the very talented producer and famous multi-instrumentalist, and owner of After Hours Recorders (studio), Bruce Turgon. Without his help, these wins would not have been possible. Moreover, recording at After Hours Recorders was a dream. Thank you, Bruce!

Also, thank you to Rick Hill, who has played Lead Guitar on all my recorded songs to date. He has a special gift that lends so much to each piece he plays.

Thank you to Keith Edwards, who has played drums/percussion on four of my songs, including "We Walk Together". His talent is amazing to watch and hear and his musical contributions to my recordings are significant.

Thank you to my family and friends and fans who continuously give their encouragement, support, share my music, and express their belief in me.

Thank you to HMMA who has given me special acknowledgement in music since 2010 and now The Akademia in 2013. The boost you are giving me in music is making all the difference.

I give all glory to God for His goodness to me, the talent He has seen fit to endow upon me, the opportunities He brings into view, and pray all who hear my music will be blessed in the particular way they need to be blessed.

ITunes! "We Walk Together"

Download and Review Shauni Williams new Single "We Walk Together" on Itunes and get the entire Wake To Grace Album for free! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-walk-together-single/id646512122 Send an email to shauniwilliams@me.com after purchase

A Thanksgiving Message

Happy Thanksgiving! This year has been the winter of my life in many ways and maybe for you too. Still, I see God's hand at work and I have faith for tomorrow because He cares for me and for you. He will not let us go but holds on firmly through the storms in our lives. I pray to Him and He hears me and brings comfort when I call to Him. He sets me free and brings peace within the turmoil and joy despite the sorrow. He restores and renews and is my salvation. In Him alone I put my trust. So today I am thankful, and continuously grateful in my heart for who God is in my life in every Season. And I thank Him for all of you and for my family and the way He sustains and blesses even in our brokenness and imperfection. So there is rejoicing and Thanksgiving because God is good and worthy of our praise! His love endures forever.

“I will give you thanks, for you answered me; you have become my salvation.” Psalm 118:21


My very first concert, my brother was 4 and I was 6. We both went for the same microphone and played tug-a-war in front of a full house! The audience roared with laughter! That is one way to connect! A better way is to join my musical village at http://shauniwilliams.com. Btw - the microphone was my brothers... Love you, Ronny!