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Gone With The Werewolves Into The Galaxy

We have been enjoying 2011, TEAM VOID was falling into the hearts of music lovers around the Ohio-N. Kentucky area... many stages around Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio... goals to keep moving into the venues throughout many more cities in our area ~Indiana, Illinois, more and more Lucha Lovers!

Who wants to dance big!

Much love and respect to Our Honorary Friend who has a CD in her hot little hand: the fabulous Lurrancy Venuum of Wild Talents... most appreciative for her best efforts to show the love... Tara made a beautiful banner for our live shows- beyond belief with her soft textile designs~ professional awesomeness we must recognize her scene: Robot Inside: visit her etsy store online. Bring her handcrafted purses, toys and unique children's and adult's room decor to treat yourself and family to some special gifts.

Our CD! EP Gone With The Werewolves is finished! Thank you for our support and enjoyment - the value of our recordings and sound bytes goes to Billy Franklin at Franklinstine Laboratories. WE met at a Regional Dayton Rock-N-Roll Benefit for The N. Main St Flower Man organized by drexel band: Bill has been a fan of our TV show and then he made that connection to TEAM VOID when we performed with his band Akillis Green... and the rest is history:

GWTW EP: Bill recorded our songs, track by track and engineered the 7 Gems for us... he is good and truly loves music!

Special mastering for our music was done by the Master Gary D King (Refraze Studio.)

Blue Angel trumpet playing friend, featured on two tracks: Gregory Hall!

and for that magic touch to reach music lovers: our radio friends 2011 giving TEAM VOID a play xox... Big Ups: Daddy Katz Halloween GWTW Party Midwest Surf Guy at WAIF Radio 88.3 John Patrick WNKU Radio 105.9 FM WRFL Surf Radio online at FaceBook Karl Yeager at WWSU Radio 106.9 FM xo Tara, Jenn(s), Eileen, Stephanie from NKU xx TikiTim for our SurfGuitar 101 Connection! Juliet at WYSO Kaleidoscope and Rev Cool at WYSO Around The Fringe 91.3 FM!

Speaking of our TV Show, Mondo Smash A' Go-Go we would love to announce our 2nd Season episode, "Night Of The Living Dead!" Thank you extended to special musical guests Akillis Green: Akillis Derek, Billy, Timmy and Dave; and Chrisenstine for technical assistance! Thank you to the actors meeting up with your hosts Iris and Retina: N8, Jon, Matt, Steve, Thomas, DATV Staff, George Romero and John Russo and Cast/Crew as well as on-location at Riverview Cemetery... we love you! NOTLD MSAGoGo can be watched at our YouTube Channel MondoSmashAGoGo.

Heartfelt Good Wishes to you from El Muerto, Infinity, Johnny X and Cruzado TEAM VOID Lucha Rockers...

....Grave Diggers: Happy Holidays and Much Love Good Energy for Earth And Lucha Lovers From Near And Far

TEAM VOID's Debut Record, "ROBOT KILLER" 2010

ROBOT KILLER! 16 Lucha Rocking songs for your dance parties so stay good, lucha rockers...we will bring it to you soon!