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Many moons later...

So...wow... shit has been crazy as hell now for quite some time. Alot of things happened last year. I signed with a "record label", I played at the Gathering of the Juggalos, played with Kung Fu Vampire, Head Hurtz Monstarz, Mars, Liquid Assassin, Fat Kidz Inc, Soundness of Mind, Insane Poetry, Project Born, Motown Rage, Dead and Dirty Carnies, and so fuckin many others. It's been crazy.

I got tired of being pulled around by the label that i was with so I got away from that as fast as possible. A good friend of mine told me one time that the best way to eliminate your competition is to control it. And for about 6 months they did. The long and the short of it is that I knew I had to get out and do this shit the way I had it planned out.

I sat down and took a break for a couple weeks and got invited out to do a show oct 27 with Fat Kidz Inc, S.O.M. and a bunch of awesome groups and thing started looking up better crowds better shows the works. Tracy Fuller you are awesome and I appreciate the shit outta you.

Did a couple shows after and Just recently was handed a sum of money as a start up. So the entire first album from Nynja Doom titled BRILLIANCE & INSANITY is like a week away from being here and I've got t-shirts coming in buisness cards, website, the fucking works all in the making. Thank you to the powers that be for all of this. If things looked up any higher my neck would snap and id be lookin upside down at the world behind me. Thank you all, Good & bad, Righteous & Evil, Brilliant & insane.

Nynja Doom


Many moons have passed!

Time has flew by since I started soing this less than a year ago. I'm now a member of Hidden Dojo Productions and I'm running with Morgue Rydaz, D.K.A., and Lost ninjas! So much has happened and so much more is on the way, let's just see what happens shall we.....