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What it does what it do fam.. This is a briefing on what my E.P will be about. My understanding of the bible is that it is a book, WRITTEN BY MEN AND NOT GOD), that has stories, with metaphorical meanings, for the purpose of educating us on right and wrong.. basically a guide to get into the kingdom of our Lord God Jehova..

I wont get much into this, but with reference to the top paragrap, my project is what I can describe as a modern day bible. Not a bible in the biblical sense, but more in the social sense. This means that I will be targeting the people of everyday life, class and social setting. . Especially made easy by the vast growth of the Internet, I am going to give real life stories and air my views on the rights and wrongs that go down in society..

Look out for me and my team #TrippyHippyRecords. .

Shout out to 32 Karat, Jay, Skrilla, Taffy, Pacman, Jayden, Enock, Jack Tha Fizzle, Pablo, Tha beat rabbi, and everyone else on my team, fam and those supporting the movement..

Its only the beginning. .