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The Pride Lp

On this pride Lp dropping on October 26th, I was able to reachout to several artist, and have them bless the album wiht some vocals. More singers then rappers of course. But I wanted to chase different subject matters. For the final track, I wanted the fans point of view. Let me hear some feedback on what you guys wanna hear, and why?

Music Promotion Starts With a Fan Base

Everyone has the secret to how to get famous, yet it actually doesnt work for anyone. Any and everyone who becomes famous is a freak of nature. Its a glitch in the matrix. Dont get confused, Hard work does pay off, but its not who you show, its who you know. Myspace is the biggest promotional tool on the web. However so many friend blasting texters create false fame, and and fake friends for publicity. It all shows threw when they have a show or performance, and only 6 people show up who are all friends or family. The more people see you, the more they remember you, if you give them a gift or item of rememberance after watching you they will hold onto it, and take a piece of you home with them. Shows and Flows...Bring it on Stage and GIVE AWAY free shit all the time