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Live Streaming

check eddiewalkermusic.com for a live streaming. Eddie will play his songs on there and other tunes.

New Recording Studio

I'm finishing up the tech end aspect of a new, humble little recording studio called "Estrella Mountain Ranch Studio". The song "In The Autumn" is the first recording from that studio, and it is available here in my list. It has lead vocal, 6 string acoustic guitar and a set of congas. I wrote the song in 1977 and copyrighted it in 1983. I hope you enjoy it. Please give a listen and tell me what you thing. :) Peace out.... Eddie

Song Process

Eddie has written all songs appearing here. In addition, he plays all the instruments you hear, and he sings all the songs as well. Essentially, you are listening to a one man band. Enjoy!!!

Aloha and Thank you so very much!

Wow! "Pretty Island Wahine" is an internet hit, thanks to you. I'm writing and recording more for you to enjoy. Thanks again and so happy to share in the joy of music. Building relationships with people is music greatest gift to us all!!! ~~Aloha~~