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so, what's a year and a half amongst friends ?

R.H. and Rusty are calling it Cat Herders Music, Uncle Bobo and the Brothers have been making themselves at home there recording new work, gleaning out old biz and even rescuing the analog truths long given up for the ghost. Please stand by...


the polar vortex has driven Mike to Mexico and Curt to hoarding propane at ground level; they may have the place up and running in time to shut it down all over again next winter... HOWSOEVER, as that door has closed another has opened ! New recordings will be trotted out here forthwith and soon, even.


Curt & Mike have the place nearing completion !

the Jester

check it out http://www.reverbnation.com/kevinthejesteradam

Not At All

and fine as needs be, grace on... creativity to all, world sure needs it

NOT Every Thurs

in fact, The Raposi Brothers may be calling up Cousin Joey for a forked tongue amelioration

Every Thurs Nite !

The Raposi Brothers are the house band every Thurs @ Walnut Street Winery, Rochester Illinois - the wine is fine and the vibe is mellow -

Thurs Nite Winery / 20th Oct Muggsy's

The Raposi Brothers expect to move inside @ Walnut St Thurs nite and live the dream al fresco in Muggsy's Garden Of Earthly Delights the 20th

Schiraz 2-nite 6 to 8 pm

haunting the loft stage with The Raposi Brothers - brand new OYSTER BAR commences on the main floor - living the dream !

Schiraz on the Plaza

J-ville town square, middle of the south side down from from the Ferris Wheel on Main Street