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Finishing New EP

Just finished my recent single "Fire: which has gotten me so much good feedback from people. I am really excited to be moving in a new musical direction and creating a style of music that I hope will draw people in because its something slightly new. Next week I plan to finish up my upcoming 4 song EP and start to pursue booking more shows in the area. Hoping to go home sometime in August. I really hope I can work it all out. I miss everyone and I miss the stillness. Thanks again everyone for the continued support!

Whats to Come

Living in Tucson has been qute the adventure so far... While here I have met sooo many people that want to help me further my pursuit in the music world. Now working as a Recording Engineer at a high end studio in Tucson has been quite interesting. I have learned more than I ever thought I would. Seth and I are still planning on reigniting Ground From Sky in a few months from now and you can expect some really good songs to come ;) And many many gigs!! As for my music a lot has changed... If you have not seen my new live show it now consists of electronic looping on top of my guitar work. I am trying to blend both worlds much like we do in Ground From Sky. I think this avenue has not been pursued as much as I think it can be. Currently I am recording some new songs for your listening pleasure so I can really start booking some serious shows out west and pursue my dream of being a musician full time. I do not know what the path ahead holds but I do know that I am on the right one. This year is the year of the snake which is my zodiac sign....I have a very good feeling of whats to come. Again, thank you soooo much for the support everyone!! Without you I would not be doing this :) Peace and love to all of you!


The music flow

Just wrote 2 new songs :) will try to record them and post them later. Have kinda a sore throat... :( so when better I will do that. Currently trying to get a lot of things done. We will see how that goes. Just finished baking a banana chocolate pie with a chocolate coconut crust :). That's all for now, take care all!!