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To the underground artists

Since recording this project I've learned there is so much good music out in this world. The radio only provides a spec of sand in an ocean of talent. I feel that we as people want to do more than just feel upbeat and dance around in our cars when listening to music. We want to go somewhere for a while instead of using toxic substances to fill voids that only something real can fill. Can you feel me? I remember going through so much as a young adult and having the voice of Luther Vandross carry me through tough times, just his tone alone gave me inspiration and made me want to sing louder than I could push myself to do. It was the days of Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, and After 7 that took me to places I didn't know I could go. What happened to those days where music seemed to wake you up out of a dream state making you wonder who is that singing 'Lady I will cry for you tonight" I'll never forget that moment and I had to pinch myself, like who makes songs like that?!?!? Beautiful and so melodic. Well now we have access to anything we want, just type it in and there it is. You want a real soulful singer, find him or her on Reverbnation and save as your favorite for that moment when you want to go somewhere, a place where only you know about, a place to do some clean up work so to speak. Music has always been my source of inspiration and a tremendous source of strength for me. I hope the music you find on this site and others can do the same for you.