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About us (by Ajit Menon)

HIGHER LOVE The music world is always in need to counteract the one dimensional commercially driven music that is usually broadcast through traditional radio stations and television channels. Under the current climate of corporate musical dictatorship, the songs made by musicians that bear little relevance to integrity have entered our space to be eventually swallowed by the general public. In the midst of this, there are many people who feel empty, without something they could truly relate to or an alternative to the current music scene in general. Most of them hope for the better. Just when it seems that this hope shines like a fading light, somewhere from the cosmos descends a unique musical force- a holy trinity of atmospheric hyperactivity, melodramatic subject matter and twisted popular music. The band is called ‘Higher Love’. The name of the band is derived from Depeche Mode’s epic song on ‘Songs of Faith and Devotion’ album. The music is described as a blend of Cold-wave, Gothic-punk and elements of Pop music. Higher Love consists of Mark Dmowski (drummer, vocalist and chief song-writer), Roman Negru (guitar) and Ajit Menon (bass). The band was started in 1998 in Warsaw, Poland by Mark Dmowski who is the only remaining original member. He played with several musicians in Poland as Higher Love. In 2005, Mark moved to London to restart the project with a fresh impetus. Some musicians, notably, the Japanese guitarist Yuichi Sakamoto better known as “Ichi” gave some valuable contributions to the music which resulted in songs such as ‘Stars at Night’ and ‘Strange Little Story’. Ichi was a steady member of the band from 2007 till 2010. The group recorded some EPs such as ‘The Further from You the Less to Speak’, ‘Folk Songs’ and ‘Ring of Fire’. The band has played gigs in UK and mainland Europe. One of their most special gigs included a concert in @’Rockstar’ festival in Pilton, Glastonbury in 2009. They were also specially selected by Nik Turner (one of the founding members of the legendary psychedelic space-rock band Hawkwind) to play The Celtic Blue Rock Festival during the same time. In September 2009, the band also recorded some songs for a special project for EMI at the Roundhouse Studios in Chalk Farm, London. They were one of the 30 bands that were selected to record at EMI studios. During this time, they also met Nick Mason from Pink Floyd who was one of the panel members at EMI. In October of 2010, the band made their debut video for the single- ‘French Song’. The main inspirations of Higher Love are bands such as Queen, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Faith No More, The Cure, Killing Joke, U2, The Doors and Venus Fly Trap. Their songs have been featured on radio stations across the UK, all over Europe and United States of America. The band is currently in the process of searching for new sounds and moods for a forthcoming album with dark textures.