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How I came up with Swagghop !

I was watching 106&Park then heard Nas say Hip Hop is Dead and a lot of other rapper’s saying the same thang blaming the youth of killing Hip Hop… so a month later I had a dream, and in that dream a child “SWAGGHOP” was born Hip Hop’s son. So, I woke up that morning and googled it & didn’t see nothing so that’s how I came up with “SWAGGHOP” Then I thought about 2pac’s “One Nation” theroy & was like wow this could be the rebirth of his idea what he tried to do before he passed. So, I said to myself Imma be Bishop Swagghop which he played “Bishop” in juice and there I was reborn. So my definition of SWAGGHOP is---Hip Hop was Born in New York. Gangsta Rap was born in Cali. Chopped & Screwed was born in the South. So, introducing "SWAGGHOP" was born in the Midwest. Which is a gumbo of all music even R&B, Rock & Roll and Soul, ”SWAGGHOP” is the next generation in music!!

Ric Skorpaeo
Ric Skorpaeo  (almost 7 years ago)

Nas, P. Diddy & all those other major dudes are the reason why hip-hop is seemingly "dead". This is not true. They try to give the impression & spread false propaganda, so they can discourage all other real artists, while making moves & profiting from it themselves in the shadows. They release one corny ass song after the next, because they lack the talent to keep it on & poppin'. Plain & simple they try to keep this hustle only in their corner. This propaganda has been used as a "weapon" to manipulate the masses, thus making the youth think that real hip-hop can only be heard through their voice, when in fact they only do what the industry tells them to do. These robot-slaves of the industry do not want to see real hip-hop. They fear real hip-hop. However, it is good to see someone like yourself is not falling for this racket. You seek other ways & avenues to push real music through to the abundant masses. Furthermore, if hip-hop was "dead" there would be no market for it, and the industry would not invest money in this thriving & lucrative genre. Holla.