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New Track, "Vessels"

My new track is up...and, I really had a great time putting the various ideas and influences together for this one, as I found myself really stretching and striving to create an unique composition that didn't sound like another typical sound of the times. I hope it finds you the same. Thanks for listening!

Dream For An Extraterrestrial

My newest track was inspired by various people who have stated they feel like they are visiting the planet we know as Earth, and yet, are not sure where they we will eventually end up in time. It may be that they will return to the planet eventually. Sometimes, it is a spiritual belief....and others believe that they are just a traveler and not sure what is really going on. Mentally, it could be confusion. These viewpoints inspired the musique-concrete work I wrote, using very few actual pitches and mainly sounds from my ARP Odyssey with some tweaked patches from my other sources and synths.

I hope you can enjoy and appreciate the musical ideas, and thank you for listening.

Rich D.