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ST.Patty's DAY!!!!

Hi friends, fans and fellow musicians... Hey at least we got thru LuV Day and R jump'N right N2 St. PaTtY'S DaY & maybe Spring...& may the IDES of March be gentle to you, so you may not have to deal with "E-tu Brute"as well..."IRISH DAY" It's a day soooooo close to my heart as those of you that know me well, WELL, KNOW!!!.....I'm Irish!!!!!!!!! I was named Austin (I am the family -7th- with the sur-name) after the Irish saint- St Augustine. My son is Austin (Corey)(the 8th), and my granson Austin John (AJ, the 9th) in the family irish tradition of first born son taking the namesake...Only time knows how long it will/may continue???? So I had to create a Irish Vid 2 celebrate the day...heritage, Irish traditions, & ideaolgy. Scenes of Ireland's castles, sites, & history are pictured in the video. The lyrics will give you a historic, mythology lesson...The video is up on myspace.com at http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=_c0rXgf4f8s or click on the video, "I'M IRISH"at another site http://ourstage.com/profile/austn/songs Njoy and definitely drink, eat, LOVE N the GrEeNiSH mode... catch the Vid at http://youtube.com/austnseattle LYRICS 2 THE SONG- 4 Debbie and Naomi...- To the Emerald Isle came the Pagan Druids,Sons of Mil family of Ir Farming the boglands oh so fluid, raiding the cattle, of Cooley Ulster Darkmans persuavise elusive lure, serving his Queen Lianhan Shee Gonconer the idle teaser, lazy Cluricauns troop of fairies{CH} The crazy Black horse Pooka on his wild ride to the moon Catch the leprechaun's spook in the portal tombs of Tara's ruins Known as the Man of Hagar, surviving the potato faimine, Grogoch Living on Ale and Alm the Beggar, hoping to miss his death coach (Chorus:)I'm Irish, Just Irish A Green Eyed lad, freckles, with a touch of Red falming from my beard. TheO's and Mac's Fiana's gaelic celts, sowing seed row under rainbows Utilizing their assets above the Belt, fighting aVikings for the pot o' gold Grayman brings the drifting fog, covering the coast of old Dublin Merrow Mermaids of saga, the silkie men with seal fins{CH} The wails of doom from Banshee, keening the white lady of Sorrow Sheoquis do a River dance jig, so the changelings will see tomorrow To those who kiss the Blarney Stone, Bending back and give the rail a grab Upside down then stretch your bones, to get Blarney's gift of gab (repeat Chorus:) Patrick loves his green shamrocks, trinity Father, Son and Holy Ghost Listen to the Redman Talk, o' the luck the four leaf clover, he boasts A will of Wisp dim fairy light the path, to the temple of Knowth Watch for the Demon bride, guarding the church and of Trough{CH} A crazy headless horse, his head underneath his only arm Also known as Dullahan, the Red Haired Man warns of harm Tis the day of St. Augustine, enlisting the ranks of his true monks Christianity is now finally seen, Orange and Black sleeps in it's Bunk (repeat Chorus:) .~Austn

Austn Fanclub #47 newsletter...COUNT ON ME

Hi friends, fans and fellow musicians...Hey,HaPpY LaBoR DaY weekND coming up!!!!! Seeing as how I've always had 2 support myself with a Day 2 Day job that has had a medical plan and so on...the music Ndustry is/has always been unpredictable and undependably Nconsistant...can't count on that to pay the bills or raise a family, sooooo...as the outfit I chose 2 wear on my 3rd album cover suggests...A suit coat and tie representing the professionalism role I live, even N my attitude at playing my music. This 3rd album "PSOARIASIS" has a theme of being my life journel, birth 2 present and thus the PIX(5th on bar above) is appropiate,Gotta work and earn a living...So my song,"Count On Me" sums what I want 2 B remembered as being dependable 4...B sure 2 catch the acoustic bridge section...I'm proud of this passage ...Njoy my tune at http://betarecords.com/austn HaPpY LaBoR DaY and power 2 theUNIONS... ROCK QUOTE 4 THE DAY... To me, the music industry has got about as much meaning as a comic book. - Jim Morrison ... I'm beginning to think it's easier to scare people than to make them laugh. - Jim Morrison...Think of us as erotic politicians. VIDEO...S "The Devil's Garden" my spooky/Halloween-ish/scare video-tune 'bout the stuff N our lives that sends chills and ills down our bones...it's a real heavy throb'n chill piece ...check out it and the quick video I've thrown 2gether of the Halloween season... here's a listening link at soundclick... http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=309518 or at myspace, click on the video link under my picture or use this direct link... http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.showvids&friendID=43400497&n=43400497&MyToken=a11edc32-325f-4bb6-95bd-c5f367bb1233 ... Njoy ... NEWS, ANNOUNCEMENTS and TRIVIA ...4 U trivia buffs http://pnwbands.com/emotion.html check this out this site to see "EMOTION" one of my bands tha t was tributed as one of best PACIFIC NORTHWEST circut and area bands of the 70's on...Ahhhh what memories!!!! Kunaki CD replication has done it!!! they have worked up a deal for me to sell my CD'S at $9.99 , buy direct at http://Kunaki.com/MSales.asp?PublisherID=109587 ... http://www.mp3tunes.com/musicchart.php?chart=album&genre_id=69 A new blog system and promo page network has been set up at http://independentartistscompany.com/personal.aspx?id=50997 with my music page http://independentartistscompany.com/artist.aspx?ID=18133 ... Ringtones R available 4 your cell-phones at http://www.betarecords.com just do an artist search for "Austn" when U getthere... THANX... Songs from "GREY", " FACE THE MUSIC" , "PSOARIASIS" ,"CY_BER_ROCK" ,& "VOIZZZ" R out on i-tunes, mp3tunes, MSN music, AOL Music Net, Realplayer and Rhapsody (comcast.net)...tunes have been delivered to 54 companies now with more ordering, so look 4 downloads wherever U usually get 'EM...And many ThanX for just playing them as I get a commission on every play U play...WallMart and Best Buy have "Austn" on their chart RAX as well!!! Check out any /all of my songs and their reviews at http://www.numberonemusic.com/austn Thanx for your ears, reviews, replies and any suggestions and/or support...( austinlmiller@comcast.net) type "add"or"remove" in the subect line of a reply if you would like to be adjusted ). Feel free and please do E-mail / forward or add me to any signatures you use, to friends and listeners as I need my pyramid of musical exposure to grow... as a One Man Solo Artist/ composer/producer I'm not able to perform all the parts of my songs at the same time N a live atmosphere situation... soooo Nternet communication, Xposure is the best, and my only way to share my musical expressions with the masses, any help and/or promotion I recieve is greatly/gladly appreciated. ..~Austn