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Origins - Child Up Out of Galilee

It was born of the violence I noted in watching the Black Friday news reports at local malls across the country. People stampeding, macing and, at times, physically assaulting one another in order to grab bargain gifts for Christmas. I began the tune just before the holiday in 2010 but did not complete before the season passed. So I set the notes aside as it no longer seemed quite as relevant.

As Christmas 2011 approached, I began to see the same events unfolding and I felt the same stirring of spirit. I then determined I would finish the work. The problem arose after I found I could not locate the old lyrics for "Christmas in the Country." There was only one thing left to do. Write it again from the start and this time, with a dogged determination, finish the thing! So after the write and numerous rewrites, "Christmas in the Country" becomes: Child Up Out of Galilee

Origins - The Ballad of Farrll O'Brien

I once had a high school teacher with a name very similar to the subject of this tune. The name has always seemed a bit poetic and was thus incorporated into the tune. However, this is not a song about that teacher, but about the refusal of any person of dignity to lay down in defeat even though it appears all the cards are stacked against him (OR HER).

Origins - Julia

Following a time of turbulence in love, I realized that, in order to prevent a replay of the consequences of a broken relationship, I was avoiding situations that could potentially develop into something more. My matchmaker friends tried to work magic but I refused to allow myself to accept anyone into my world. I built barriers that no one could cross. Of such situations come song!

Origins - I Never Knew Love

For a couple of years, a few scattered lines and the chorus to this tune lingered in oblivion, tucked away in some cobweb-laden corner of my mind, Written for my wife, the lines were then pulled from that dark crevice and developed into something I never expected, for there are times that tunes are not necessarily crafted, but given.

One side note, the last verse contains a phrase that may seem silly or out of place, but as a youngster I worked for a man that often said he loved money - what it wouldn't buy, it would rent. I knew what he meant by that statement and his influence filtered into this song.