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About Urban Bleu

Urban Bleu Front-man Aaron Robbie Fowler takes the lead vocals, guitar, and harmonica. Django Lachlan's skill and power behind his bass guitar and harmonizing vocals are unmatched. Brent Christensen completes Urban Bleu's musical magic with his rhythmic and soulful drumming.

Urban Bleu’s Aaron Robbie Fowler and Django Lachlan have jammed together for more than seven years, drummer Brent Christensen is a recent and welcome addition. With a wide range of experiences and a broad musical knowledge, the power trio consistently produces fresh, but very down to earth, music. Audiences love the blues roots, touched by jazz, rock, and even a bit of country, with a more progressive sound that is unique to Urban Bleu. The music they produce caters to a wide range of music lovers and in addition to the music being powerful and heartfelt, they provide rhythms that are easy to dance to.

As well as performing in several cities in their home state of Utah, Urban Bleu has traveled to and performed in Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. They are currently preparing to go on tour across the United States with a well known band. Urban Bleu’s goal is to take the airwaves by storm using the latest technology and playing to live audiences while ambitiously embarking on a unique, global distribution of the best their music has to offer.

Hang on, it's gonna be a wild ride!

About Urban Bleu

UrbanBleu Blues, Rock, Jazz, and even a little bit of Country; UrbanBleu’s three talented artists have jammed together for the past five years. They take great pride in 98% of their lyrics and music as being self authored. Their gigs have taken them to several cities within their home state, Utah. They have traveled and performed in Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. Many of UrbanBleu’s inspirations have derived from The Beatles, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Kiss, Jimi Hendrix, and ZZ Top. Robbie Fowler takes the lead vocal, guitar, and harmonica. Django Lachlan skillfully plays a powerful bass guitar and harmonizing vocals. Jim Wright rhythmically completes the power trio’s musical magic as drummer. Audiences love their Blues Roots with a progressive sound. They write and play their music to cater to the ears of their audience. The power trio’s delivery is heartfelt and provides a rhythm moving the listener to engage in dance. UrbanBleu’s goal is to open their doors to the world through technology and playing live concerts initially in the West and Southwestern, United States. UrbanBleu is ambitiously embarking on a unique and global distribution of their sounds. UrbanBleu’s plan is to take the airwaves by storm!!!