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Encuentro 2014 Montreal, Quebec. Idle No More Round Dance Revolution

This year at Encuentro over 300 participants joined hands to share in this powerful urban intervention on unceded Mohawk territory. Ellen Gabriel opened with a welcoming prayer, and drummers took to the center of the circle, as people moved in unison to the heartbeat of the drums. After the round dance, participants were invited to witness a public performance by La Pocha Nostra. This event was prepared in a week long workshop called the Indigenous anti-manifesto, which included Idle No More organizers from the northern and southern hemispheres. These coordinated actions made for an amazing week of spiritual activism and creative grassroots resistance! Read More - http://www.idlenomore.ca/encuentro_round_dance

Indigenous Education for and by Indigenous Peoples

While this success of #KillBillC33 should be celebrated and honoured, nations need to continue putting to paper their already developed educational reforms that honour their Indigenous perspectives. Indigenous Education has been taught on these lands for thousands of years and we commend those nations who are already implementing those teachings in their communities. In addition: We must remember we are and have been the first voice of our people of these lands. We never relinquished this right. We must keep the pressure on to stop all legislation of the Harper government that attacks our nationhood, inherent jurisdiction, treaty rights, and the environment. We must keep the pressure on the First Nation communities, Tribal Councils and PTOs sitting at the current termination tables, which will impede our self-determination and inherent rights. Nation-to-nation negotiations require relationships of trust and good faith. Because of his incompetence and ignorance regarding these longstanding and significant issues, we call for Bernard Valcourt to step down from his position as Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. We recommend organizing teach-ins on the topic of the termination tables in your communities or First Nations to expand informed participation in our movement for self-determination, sovereignty and the protection of our Peoples, Land and Water. http://www.idlenomore.ca/indigenous_education_for_and_by_indigenous_peoples



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Recording Motherlode EP

The Band is so happy to see that so many other people are loving this EP. For such a wonderful expression of humanity. The Bolivian Revolution have always loved recording track "Motherlode". The mix of a Hindu drums with nothing compressed but a all natural signal in slow rhythm that makes the song as a support for Mirko's uniquely talented songwriting and sometimes with heart-breaking deliveries.

Upcoming New CD Release "MOTHERLODE" Out Soon

The Bolivian Revolution finally encountered its few moments in private with old friends and Independent Clandestino Artists from the bay area. If it wasn't for the Bay Area, The East-coast, eL androcefalo couldn't possess rights to perform super hyped gigs in any Known venue close by that's been offered, We thank to the Open Mic promoters in The bay and all the people that booked us out for some of their events Thanking you all amazed n' Charmed but Right Now at this very moment The Bolivian Revolution it's on its own historic studio moments rehearsing & making new Project: Motherlode, A brand New Video and We Hope brand new Productions for the next months to come. We declare The Bolivian Revolution The Band is Now Engineered, Produced & Administered by Mirko "Inca" Lamonte Independently. At Mildewsound Studios in Pleasant Hill. Ca. All Lyrics copyright 2010 All Rights reserved. All Used by Permission.

Will you take a stand Brave & Noble Men?

Cuzco, Peru May 3, 1781: "Rebel Tupac Amaru doesn't confess anything in spite of severe unconditional torture". His Original name was Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui, They named him Tupac Amaru II. A Descendant of after the one of the Last authentic inca ruler TUPAC AMARU with whom Condorcanqui was identified before forming and marching thousands of angry peasants Coming from the South to a unsuccessful & painful Historic Rebellion against the New European Rulers. Practically eL androcefaLo took its place based on these type of touching love stories, Angry myths, Philosophies of Freedom & fantastic rebellious moments that forever filtered inside the minds of the Entire Group. It gave us courage & a passionate hunger for a brave "In your Face" Expressionism. We're practical expressionists! that is just one of our many visions. We apply a solid faith in anything We play. Nobody should use Revolutionary image to create stupid Rivalries, Fanaticism or promotion of Foreign political ideals, This, is Mandatory Art. No one cannot possibly scape from it. You might spit out Art or you Don't Know what the Hell you're getting yourself into. these Young Men & Young Women went through such Terrible stupid injustices and It could have been stopped. That same Force in which We're trying to project humbly into our music. Infamous libertines always made sure in never, ever to receive any chance of pity from anybody else throughout the pages in history & time. That's more or less Admirable to us. We definitely found a need that artistically & intellectually will represent our thirst for Justice in two very simple Ordinary words We exposed as The "Bolivian Revolution". My Dear Friends! let us put it this way: We dare you... yes, 10 minutes of your time in absolute freedom, fuck it, take it with you and listen. Now besides strumming electric guitars like Republican yanqui Jack White III, Metallicalized-goreheaded world of terror & Stupid deadly music. Sadly We couldn't understand all that type of shit! . But for example bands Like The Mars Volta, Paz Lenchantin or Trent Reznor and like the bunch of Sickass motherfockers innovating the wheels. Our music is trying to bring back home some of that Hispanic Folklore Heritage, signals of the Third world Countries. in such ways, well... Have you ever watched Movies like Amores Perros? Do you Find DaLi's paintings very Attractive? Do you have any amazing thought in mind When you Listen Radiohead's In Rainbows? Rumba & Son & GuaGuanco or Acid-Experimental We believe are the close answers for that Andromedan Listener, World Music maker, The Old school blues Observers & those beyond the Institutions of Sound, all of this makes us what we were allowed to be: eL androcefaLo. School of Rock for stoners or Radio Hits. We don't record Music, We Make Movies without Screen. We do Movies but for the Blind. Only Frequencies panned in Mono & Stereo. We also sing about creating values, Understanding Loyalty and The Victorious Commitments coming with it. This is a 5 year old Celebration. 100% organic Devotion to The Guys Up there in the clouds. We ask our Music to be studied by Lady Mozarts and The Pornstars Lennons from around the world to see what's up with our shit. speak up baby! Buddha! This is our Love Letter to you, Period.

The Church of Mercury

Let us now give a moment to remember the glorious genius of Freddie Mercury! It is a great time of year to sit up with your computer, open youtubes and watch streaming videos of this man and his band, Queen. Yes it was two year ago that I was hit by the power and energy relayed by band of Queen! Their intense emotionality and thirst for love opened my heart to a place of thankfulness, for the life I am given to live. We all have the chance to experience the mystical wonders of Earth; and the interplay of the Elements. Sun and Sea, and this thick blanket of clouds riding between them right now, water brought in to the air. And consistently falling back down to the ground. I’m glad this one isn’t snow; the rain is clean and wet. Gives me a chance to work inside, second coat of plaster in the front hall, here on George M. Cohan Blvd. Cohan. Another one whose sheer brilliance lombasted me this past year, from moving onto the street of his name. It’s a story for another time, I promise. I want to introduce a newer musician, from the newer folk tradition of traveling minstrels and popular entertainers, Mirko Lamonte, the Inka formerly known by eL AndrocefaLo, here performing “The Awakening of the Species!” (follow this link because focking myspace wont let you link videos off their page. it’s kind of an oldie. go down the page halfway, it says “Open For Business”)

Words by Michael D'spasio Mildewsound Studios, Providence