Historic West Hollywood Music Venue and Irish Pub Molly Malone’s has served as host to such acts as Weezer, Lenny Kravitz, The Counting Crows, Tears for Fears and Lucinda Williams. Considered a local institution, Molly’s has been featured in the films Leaving Las Vegas, Patriot Games and Life Without Dick. Molly’s is known for being a high-quality music room along with having exceptional beer and pub food -- Jay Tinskey (JT Productions), talent booker at Molly Malone’s for 20 years, brokers the venue equipment and fusses over the PA and engineers to keep Molly’s one of the best sounding rooms in the city. Molly’s is a great way to start off any Saturday night. Bring your family and friends, and join us for this special post-Thanksgiving day performance. Molly Malone’s accepts cash only at the door. The Music charge is $8.00

LA Showcase Event at Dakota Live Music Lounge:10/06/2009

Big Show 10/06/2009!!

Dakota Live Music Lounge (formerly Temple Bar) is considered by many to be the best sounding room in LA. Grateful and fortunate to be in this space as we launch our first LA showcase event, and begin exposing West coast fans to the new MVR songs and LA band - Dave Wood, Mike Bennett and Ashley Dzerigian - a crack group of players who have worked with the likes of Ludacris, Hillary Duff, Lil’ Wayne and Jesse McCartney. Come one, come all... www.dakotalounge.com