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All Green Lights - the story behind the song...

In the spring of 2012 I embarked upon my first tour of Europe, and in preparation for the unusual power supply I pre-purchased a large power transformer that was supposed to convert my 110V power supplies to 240V so everything would work overseas.

Well, at the very first show I discovered that the system failed for some strange reason, so nothing worked and I was left playing an all acoustic show with no loops or effects... (I still pulled it off like a pro, and the crowd loved it anyway, even if I felt a bit naked without my normal bag of tricks...)

So the next day we had to visit an electrician to figure out what the issue was. I discovered that many power supplies say 110/240V - 50/60Hz and will easily convert overseas with a simple adaptor, no problems. However, much of my gear had adaptors which only support 110V - 50Hz, so even with my fancy (and somewhat useless) power transformer, these all had to be replaced with European adaptors before I could play.

Well, after about two hours and 200 euro worth of frantic shopping at several guitar stores and electrical supply companies, I had just about everything covered, minus two mixers which were impossible to get power supplies for without waiting six weeks. Luckily a few local musicians helped me out with loaners, and the shows went on without any problems.

I have a power testing unit which shows if the wiring is all correct and the ground is adequate, so when everything is good, it is all green lights... Thus the inspiration for the title of the song and the chorus was born.

I combined this bit of good luck with the principals of the Law of Attraction that I was also reading at the time, thus realizing that my gratitude and calm acceptance was essential in resolving all conflict, both technical and emotional, situational and in all things otherwise. My attitude that everything would be fine, and my heart felt belief that it would all work out easily, put me in perfect harmony with the situations that manifested to cure all my problems.

Every event, every person, every day is a gift and a blessing, both good and bad. The mistakes and grief and horrors of my life have all led me to grow stronger and more grateful for the good, the justified and the beautiful, so in the end, everything is perfect, and I am eternally thankful for each chance to grow.

I hope this little bit of insight awakens you to your own power and inner strength. We can do amazing things as long as we believe it is meant to be. Cast aside any doubts as soon as they surface and give your energy to the results you want. The universe will provide everything you allow it to, and have no fear, the abundance is far beyond your imagination, so there is always enough for everyone!

European tour...

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped put the European tour together in april/may 2012. That was the best 3 weeks of my life! I really can't wait to come back in the fall and rock you all again, plus see some new countries too! Thank you all so much! Much love for Italy and Germany!

A note on recording "Believe Her"

It is an interesting challenge to re-live the old frustrations that inspired this song in order to capture the proper emotion in my vocals. I've moved on and am very happy now, (the war took place years ago,) but in order to make it sound and feel right, I've been immersed in my old emotional wounds all day, and have found my back aching and my teeth clenching between takes... As I sing into the mic, I picture myself screaming in the face of my enemy, and I have to refrain from punching the walls of the vocal booth, or choking the mic stand as it begins to look like his scrawny neck... When I play this live, it is less painful and more therapeutic. But always just as brutally honest as the day I wrote it.

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