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Underground Atlanta 07/27/12

I had an awesome time with the band at the Underground last night. It was just AMAZING because we came from different avenues and came together and created something I believe will grow into something awesome and magical. I pray that God will bless this union and all us unlimited access and favor - not even the sky will be the limit. :)

5/25/12 Underground Show - too much stress!!!

I had a show at the Underground yesterday - I thank God it's over!!! While it was a good experience, it was EXTREMELY stressful! I wasn't able to have rehearsal with my band, and the keyboardist and guitarist weren't going to show at the last minute. I was so upset, I had to take some L-Theanine to calm my nerves!! My sister helped me tremendously though - she was visiting from Ohio and spent her precious time helping me prepare for my show. Thank God she was there - she was a true blessing! I also appreciate the bass player Eric and the drummer Jorge - they truly showed their professionalism, integrity and commitment throughout this entire ordeal. I'm also thankful for LaTerica who came out to run my videocam and my friend Regina who took some awesome pics and gave some much needed encouragement! Things eventually came together though - we had a pretty good show even though we didn't properly prepare as a band (and not too many people came out to support me). This is NOT a good feeling though - all of the stress could have been avoided by proper preparation and rehearsal, and we would've had a much better time. Oh well, I pray the next show will run much smoother so we all can shine with our absolute best. I hope you guys will come out and have a good time with me one of these days. In the meantime, have a bless Memorial Day weekend everyone!!! :)

Truth Be Told!!

I was on my way to my dear friend (sister) house, which was a true country mile - over an hour away, and I was listening to Sirius Radio "Heart & Soul". They had a special radio interview/concert from Boys to Men. They were awesome, not only because of their awesome talent, but because they were very humble, and spoke the truth about many musical topics we face today. They let the audience know that they sing because of the true love of it - while many of today's artists are just trying to get paid. I myself believe this to be true - additionally, so much of the pure art of music is lost in the superficial misinterpretation that sex sells. That's an extremely sad truth. They also talked about how today's artists are so self centered that you don't hear of many good singing groups anymore. I'm in TOTAL agreement with them!! I've been looking for a great male and female singer, but just about every one of them are just interested in being solo artists - another sad truth. Fortunately these are not absolute truths - and I for one am determined to provide a positive, alternative style of music. Using words of substance to challenge the mind with more than just the superficial and sexuality. We as God's creation are so much more than that, and I pray that I'll be able to open today's and tomorrow's eyes and hearts. Until next time, have a blessed week!

Underground Atlanta 05/11/12

I had a really good time at the Underground tonight - at least for the most part! I had one young hip-hop fan who wasn't feeling my show, so when I asked if folks were having a good time, she said NO - LOL!! I was like What??? LOL - I then let her know that everyone isn't going to like every song I sing but I'll do my best to do a little something for everyone. I then told her that I liked the fact that she was honest, which I don't think she was expecting, cause she looked a little surprised. I then sang "If This Isn't Love" by Jennifer Hudson, as well as a couple of other songs, which soon made that young hip-hop fan enjoy herself - at least a little. I can't win them all, but I sure can try! The evening got better as my girl Regina came by and show some love. By that time, I had a couple of cheerleaders cheering me on and folks were having a good time. I'm lovin it - one step closer to walking in my dream!!