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New stuff coming soon out of the studio

The Tonekats hiatus may be coming to an end... summer 's a comin' and who knows what could happen?

Time To Move on - Next Release - Coming soon!

We are excited about the 8th song release on the upload-as-created upcoming 11 tune album (our second). This time we get heavier to balance the album! We think your ears and minds deserve the best we have to offer in an unpredictable mix of styles we trust we prevent ROCK ENNUI and instead make you want to get up and rock out with our tunes CRANKED in the background, as your favourite underground band. WE don't need fame, but we will try to earn your respect and be professional at giving you fucking decent new music! (From a sweat point of view, We hope to hell also from a "The ToneKats rock!" point of view!. "Our music is hard work and we don't mind admitting that we work hard for your approval", Thanks, dB

NEW RELEASE "The King of Rock n' Roll" by ToneKats

Right on the heels of "Busher Jackson" and "The River Runs Red", "The King of Rock n' Roll" is the seventh release in 2013 on the soon-to-be-named new ToneKats' album. Three more tracks will be released to complete their second full length recording, a follow up to their first CD..."Damaged, not broken" (Nov 2010)... So Yeah it's been three years and lots of things have changed... New drummer Dan Killen has adds a powerful and tight rock element raising the percussion to new heights. Keyboardist Paul Koktan has found his inner "Rick Wakeman" (lol) and let the creativity flow. John Sedgwick continues to play bass and sing with a Blue rodeo quality about his presence. Dave Bull continues to play acoustic, electric guitars and vocals. Bull & Sedgwick wrote the music and lyrics to all of the tunes on the new releases,

New Releases Abound in ToneKat-Land

Since our last RN blog in September, the ToneKats have released "Busher Jackson" and "The River Runs Red". Along with "I Don't Know", "I Won't Compromise" and "Life Goes On", these songs are the first five songs from the new album. In Noivember we expect to release another and another until we have a dozen songs! Then we'll make a batch of physical CDs in addition to making the album available for online purchase and dowload.

NEW RELEASE **"Life Goes On"**

"Life Goes on" is a song whose lyrics and music were originally composed by John Sedgwick. The song has been being reworked since early 2011 by Dave Bull and John Sedgwick culminating in this NEW Release! The first ToneKats CD was released in November of 2010, so it's been a long wait. Life Goes On follows "I Don't Know" a song written by Dave Bull and reworked by (Bull-Sedgwick) and "I won't Compromise" (Bull), released in April of 2013. The TopneKats currently have 22 songs in various stages of completion, at least 7 in the final stages of completion. We expect several more to be released in 2013. It features Dan Killen on drums and Paul Koktan on keyboards as well as Dave Bull on guitars and John Sedgwick on Vocals and Bass. Please support songwriting artists and musicians by purchasing a legal downloads for only 99 cents each if you really like a particular song!

I Won't Compromise - new mix!

Thank you for your kind words and feedback. We have a lot to release but it all comes down to getting the right mix. We thought the first mix was a bit heavy on the accordion, so we now have it listed as "I Won't Compromise (Accordion mix)" on RN. I think this mix brings out more of the ToneKats rockier tones, more in keeping with what you might expect of TK!

Here comes the first of many!

The ToneKats second new release after "I Don't Know" for their upcoming second CD. "I Won't Compromise" is a song written and sung by guitarist Davey B. Cousin Paul puts his keyboards aside and plays accordion on an old 50s Hohner Student model, Johnny lays the bass down and Big Dan Killen is playing the drums. More to come... expect the unexpected with the ToneKats!

New Recording delayed by change in personnel

The ToneKats have a new drummer... Welcome Dan Killen. We also have 5 new songs ready for the final stages of studio engineering as well as Dan's drums. For the first time we will mention them by name "I won't Compromise", "The King of Rock n Roll", "Life Goes on", "Time to Move on", "Hit and run", "The unexpected" and 5 more in earlier stages of development.Dan Killen is a gifted percussionist of 19. The ToneKats sound will remain as it always has been only better! We are itching to release these, but there is still work to be done to make sure we release "A" level Indie tracks.And when we do, we need your support to compete with the labels! ToneKat fans are the best! Love you Guys. More later, sorry for waiting so long to update you!

The wait will soon be over

The ToneKats will soon be releasing four new songs. Stay Tuned !

Tonekats on Radio in NYC, Las Vegas

Hey folks, Tonekats are getting airplay on m3Radio in New York City (DJ Empress Red) and VRadio in Las Vegas, Nevada (DJ LonghairKev). We've just gone over 5,000 fans on Reverb Nation (2,000 in the last month and growing fast). For two days (ending 10 pm Dec 2, 2010) we are allowing free downloads of songs from our new release "Damaged, not broken", after that we'll be available through Indie Pool on most digital distributors. This is a one time pre-release window for our core fans. If you got in early, this present is for you! Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! We'll be having a Live CD release party in the New Year at a venue to be announced in Kingston, ON. Our digital distribution will be set up within 6 weeks. Meanwhile you can get a copy of our CD by e-mailing a request to info@tonekats.com or by buying one at a show (see www.tonekats.com). We'll keep you in the loop - Enjoy the Christmas season! Davey B, Johnny O'Fender, Junior and Cuz Paul