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Defender of the Heart .. JJ Childs

Hi my fans and friends and everyone who will eventually be.. I want to be viral in a way that includes us all.. So I am starting the Defender of the Heart blog. It has 2 purposes. 1 I would like you to share your stories of love.. broken , happy, new, confused, whatever you would like to share about your love life and getting real no matter the stake ... really I mean pushing the gulp down your throat and go through the middle of what ever you are feeling fear, pain, love. I will reveal my intentions later after I get a nest of your love my way .. but I promise you .. it will be a way you can connect to the masses through song. And 2. I would like you to ask me questions of true concern to yourself and your life via in the moment, past, or future. Yes I am a songwriter, but I am also a Health Coach who has turned her health from really bad to excellent. I think we all have lost some connection and I would like to help even one soul at a time turn that around. We are all full of love and light and we all just need some direction including me! Let's come together softly and be apart of a new alliance ... The Defender of the Heart ... Blog ... join me if you live 2 love .. love you all ... Miss JJ Childs