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Recordings and samples

I've found as I listen to different musicians on Reverbnation that some have samples, and some have full tracks, on their profile pages. I think a mix is a great idea, especially if you have a Reverbnation Store of you own - then you can control the samples that are put out. I've just finished mastering some samples I am adding to the stream, but, don't worry! Five tracks people have let me know they enjoy are staying in place, including the free download Crodh Kintaile; for those who are browsing, I'm going to be rotating samples with one at the top and the rest in the full stream file, down below.

There are now 38 tracks in my Reverbnation Store. If you enjoy the music you find here on RN, the best way you can show it is buy the tunes you love, and share them! It's the best way to show your support for the music, and the musicians...Enjoy!


I recently watched the movie Songcatcher, about the gathering of folksongs in the Appalachians back in the early 20th century, and it sent me on a search for new folk sounds here on reverbnation. First of all, I have to say - there are quite a few people here who have listed themselves as folksingers who aren't. It really helps people find a musician if the musician knows what his or her style is, first! ;) Second - and more important - I have found some great folk sounds by veering away from the comfortable familiar paths - American and British, for me - and checking out the folk music of Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, for example. As musicians, we learn new ideas by being fans of different kinds of music. If you haven't made an effort to listen to different musicians from different countries on Reverbnation, try it out. I've found some amazing players, and have pinned them on Pinterest - Speruoc - Reverbnation Tuning Pins.

An introduction to freesong

Freesong is the mouth music I create, with roots in Gaelic tradition, world inlfuences, and improvisation. learn more about it here: http://www.squidoo.com/singing-energy

It's time to spring forward...

This week The Songcatcher's Circle will begin contacting musicians in Northeast Georgia, to begin building a group of musicians who can work together to have events in different venues in this area. I was involved in an informal circle that met in Manuel's Tavern in Atlanta for well over a decade, as well as coffee houses and open mike nights in the Atlanta area for many years. We want to bring more performing opportunities into the North Georgia Mountains. If you are a musician in this area looking for more playing time, friend http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/control_room/519337#!/venue/thesongcatchercircle

The Gift of Freesong

The track, The Gift, is not a Gaelic song, or traditional tune. The whistle and voice were both improvised, and the language of the song is not a language at all - at least not how we think of it. I keep trying to find an easier way to say it - Glossalalia sounds strange, and speaking in tongues makes it sound religious. I like just calling it uttering, a simple vocal expression that adds texture to the song, but leaves the meaning to the listener. What do you think?

Profile now shows all the colors...

I've been given a voice with a lot of range in it, and like to "paint" with it as many different sounds as possible, from traditional Gaelic singing to contemporary Celtic sound, to my own tradition: Freesong. My Reverbnation profile now has samples of all my different voices, from the simple old style singing to a rougher, deeper, country sound. I hope you enjoy them, and check out my Reverb store for my songs, both old and new.

Rehearse, record, repeat...

Back into full musician mode now, after publishing a play for the first time, and finishing a year of concentrating on art and photography. You can check out everything I've been up to by coming by my website, sandralynnsparks.com...