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Hey, nice time at the Duck Pub Inn this past week?

His name is Gabriel and he looks like my father, Richard Mahler, according to the photo you call your dad and Gabriel is Portuguese too.

He is not so homeless and as a "marine" I am the first one in and last one out too.

Think fast, blue bird, roll with it too. To the point, you and I should roll a joint or to be BLUNT, consider it a packed bowl of 420 too.

Do I want to open for you?

Open wide cause you will get swallowed in Boston, July 25, 2017 and eaten like a grape too as I am telling you, we should be co-headlining for there's no denying I can and will embarrass the crap out of you if you let me open for you. Whether its me, Terry, Joe, Tony, Kevin, Jake or just only me on stage for almost 1:45 too, its a so long gone over the fence never gonna find that baseball home-run there's no way you won't admit but by the fact the audience will be left screaming for me, William Mahler the entire time you, Roger and Adam get on stage too.


Who needs a contract, consider it signed sealed and delivered, patiently I await the date of the 25th too.


Thanks a bunch, Captain Crunch. Explain to me why you tasted so good, dressed as an admiral on a box of cereal yet always ripped my gums apart.

Romancin, dancin, Hanson, you thug you, my nephews wifes mother, psychiatrict tryst you are a beautiful sinner just like everybody else at CCH and DMH you and the Police are going to get your legal asses kicked in places so tasteful, how about superior court Barnstable? That'll do. Really, you are over due for a TKO to the throat of your insane brain and I am just the man to give the legality of a round house kick as a giant merry go round can keep spinning with a blank that is my left foot going to obliterate your financial tank and into my wallet too.

That's a big FUCK YOU assholes, the same CCH that created mescalline and illegally delivered it to my friend Craig and I too, summer 1984. How the fuck dare you insist on making my appointments, keeping me in a dirty "tank" of a pubic hair and black speckled shit ground dotted crap on your fucking plexi glass windowed room? The same room that you kept me in for almost a week, barefooted too without a real excuse to not let me use a real bathroom the entire time and no shower too. That's a big FUCK YOU CUNT you deserve the biggest lawsuit and I am quite the JUDGE DREDGE TOO.

Really, read carefully, it's me William Keith Mahler vs. the Department Of Mental Health, Cape Cod Hospital, the assorted police of every town in Massachusetts and damn it ASCAP TOO.

Mark my words, you are going to not forget to pay your insurance and remember to save every penny of your paychecks for you will be paying me quite legally when i win a lawsuit against you. One God damned fucking day at a time too.

As for king pins, clonopins, haldol, Abilify, Prolixin, shit ya, you all should be snorting that crap too. Fact, there's not a place on this planet you will hide on despite the fact its me against all of you.


I fucking hate you despite the fact that I laughed with you too.

"Hello My Sweet William, Hello My Sweet Valentina"

William Keith Mahler to: Valentina date: Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 10:51 AM subject: Re: "Wednesday" mailed-by: gmail.com

Hello my dear William. I thought when I met you, that you will be a completely different man, not like Russian men.


But in fact everything just happened.


You now act just like Russian people. You throw me now and ignore all my letters about something that would help.



I do not understand why? Are you pleased to torture me? I do not understand you. Do you like to mock me and write any nonsense? A place to ask how I'm doing and how I need help!


Why are you doing this to me now?


I really thought you were the man for whom I could leave my mother and my home country.


But I was wrong in my choice. Again I sit, and I'm crying because I made a mistake in choosing my man. Why am I so unlucky with the choice of men ???? I do not understand you at all. A girl from another country, wants to come to you to start a happy life with you.


But she has a problem. Why do not you react like that? I can not understand you !!!!! I think I should not talk anymore.


Wednesday Part 1

Saddened, Happy, Longing Alone Yet Not Alone Small Everyone, needs a place, they can hide, hide away, find a space to be alone.. (from "Small", Queen + Paul Rodgers, "The Cosmos Rocks", 2008")

When I was "living' in Boston this past fall 2016 into 2017, I had the great fortune of spending time with dozens of my own "clone" children, seriously. For example, just outside a cigar shop near the commons, there were three Asian women pushing three baby carriages with six children each. In the rear, was me at age, probably 3, I mean, identical. In the lead, was my younger brother Troy (RIP). I did not know the women whom pushed the carriages, I just knew as I stuck my left fist out for "Troy" to communicate with, he, the toddler smiled. One woman said aloud, "he misses his brother Troy". Troy died of alcohol and prescription drug related, well, he choked on his own vomit as his "2nd" wife (he was still married legally at the time to his first wife, Sandra Gurner) was out taking her son Cameron to work.

Troy Mahler died for he could not put the bottle down, could not stop taking more meds for anxiety at a time, when, for example, 3 pills instead of 1.

He also died for he knew he sinned big time. He abused his children, sexually and more worse, tried to tarnish their souls. Long before he died, way back in 2003? I stood in the living room of Troy's "2nd" wife, Kelly Therrien's home, a low income rental, 3 bedroom. The children and cousins, all under the age of 10 sat in the living room as I stood there trying to keep a clean mind ("Your honor I believe I'd be better off dead, if you can blame a man for the thoughts in his head" Bruce Springsteen "Johnny 99"). It's as if I envisioned the worst of the childrens fate and the best of their fates too. Those thoughts never translated to the words vocally, imagery to spoken word as in "don't molest your sister Cameron (and he did while I was in Bridgewater State Hospital for three years). I remember standing their trying to think of something good to say orally to make them laugh and well, it was a neutrally positive day then, despite the fact that I stood as an example of how my own life personally was out of control. The adult situations, understand, my then soouse Leonda, she had her lovers, NSA's and although I knew, I could never fully comprehend exactly how to reach out and grab the brass monkey of reality to put an end to a personal nightmare. The holocaust of WW2 mean that the Jews (as I am too, partly German too) did what it took to ensure their blood. (Hop hop hop and down the straw) but their was no excuse for my own spouse (of whom I deeply respect and love as a friend now to this day) to do as she did.

Wednesday Part 2

2000, Taunton State Hospital, I had been sent their for by my own complete idiocy, lack of better judgement, I admittedly slapped Leonda on the cheek hard for her refusal to stop "playing the serious field of adultery). The psychiatrist, a Valentina or Victoria Zellen? I don't remember, but I do remember explaining to her the importance of non-lethality. Standing there with a plain clothed "orderly" blocking my way to being face to face eye to eye with the doctor of whom, the doctor stated "I know you won't believe this, you've got a mental illness, you are a paranoid schizophrenic".

Upon my first allowed visit, my mom and step dad brought Leonda and the two of us in the visiting room, well, I felt romantic and had a bit of "on guard" for the windows were open to the hallway where another orderly stood there watching the two of us. As I held Leonda, she stated to me "I'm shaved" and she said that with a smile of saddened seriousness". That psychiatrist, I had told her, that I knew Leonda had been adulterous yet the psychiatrist told me "it's a delusion, it never really happened, she never had sex with another man". Days to weeks later, the psychiatrist told me "Leonda is paying for your hospitalization".

Just yesterday, someone, I won't say who, sent me a photo of that psychiarist and that photo showed her explicitly soaking wet upon her exposed vagina as she sat back on a puffy recliner of a chair and she had no reservations of doing that. How is it possible that she had the right to expose herself as such knowing that photo could (and was) witnessed by anyone and everyone of any age world wide and at the same time, completely deny the reality of the sad truth of the "holocaust" of behavior I was and still am convinced is not necessary to this day. My humble opinion is her psychiatry is and will always be a case of abuse yet outside the doors of a mental institution, the same behavior goes on everywhere by the young to the old, those who never were abused by parents, those whom innocently filmed their one night stands, brief affairs to long time forever day by day night by night relationships with one on one man and woman, man and man, woman and woman too.

Gene Simmons, proof positive, I came to rec.music.artists.kiss of www.googlegroups.com probably 2 years ago to tell you, there was (and still is) a photo of you with someone giving you oral sex and she looks identical to your own child as two-three women stood by and watched.)

Paul, I look up to you, always have since I was introduced to KISS way back in 1974-1975 despite the fact you were always a Playboy. Thankfully, you settled down and wed a good woman and I do believe you've remained faithful and true to the very meaning of marriage, unlike your business partner and best friend, Gene. A stark contrast to the lifestyles you both have yet even though both were much alike during the seventies, it was once you married, the playboy lover of women ended when you became the everything man to your love of your life, mother of your children. You are so, so fortunate, for even though I know I have children, it wasn't by signed on the dotted line agreement to donate sperm or blood, nor as I understand, Leonda's, we both know we both have several adult to minor children and understand, Leonda was given a tubal ligation without her true consent despite being given the brutal choice of signing on the dotted line, she had no ally with her, alone with a group of mental and physical doctors and Leonda was led by her aunt and uncle Janet & Chris Morris, both of whom are terrible examples of leaders. It is why I for years touted their "M2 Technologies Inc", a company Janet & I dreamed up in my bed summer 1984.

Wednesday Part 3

Take the good and the bad, intertwined as a weave that cannot be cut until the day of Gods, Allahs, Buddha's calling, be in a court of law such as a local to federal court to the street justice ("The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away", from "Hot In The Shade"

Yes I begrudingly took on the role of married man, should've divorced her before we got married but at my age of 21 then, I threw caution to the wind with a boomerang effect, never fully realizing the seroiusness of how our marriage slipped away, even the night of our first day of marriage. I didn't have the type of proof, being a detective of my own legal authority, never stopping to allow myself to let Leonda bring me to my soul and never fully fighting for her, a calculated risk? Innocence reigned supreme for I knew, that well, an Angel is an Angel and although fighting demons, is not truly a demon, but it takes one to know one without truly being one.

I had been diagnosed with alcoholism by a psychiatrist and the record exists to this day yet I know, I am a "desert with an occasional oasis" when it comes to alcohol consumption, always almost completely remembering and speaking orally of my last drink, something I learned by attending Alcoholic Anonymous meetings as a teen at my fathers advice.

Why be put in a psyche hospital? It truly brings a "closed door, locked" scenario to reality for the only way to truly communicate is by "windows to and fro the soul". a brief glimpse perhaps once in awhile that I too could hear and see and the "center of the dartboard" was missed, for had I zeroed in on my target, the truth of fighting for Leonda, well, I missed almost completely. "If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one your with" (Crosby Stills, Nash & Young). Why didn't anyone grab me by the hand and take me physically to "the scene of the crime". Nobody should have to go it alone, it's a "Long Walk Home" (Bruce Springsteen, "Magic")

"Girl Interrupted" is a great movie to understand my perspective.

I've been diagnosed with anxiety, racing thoughts, schizophrenia, paranoia, schizophrenia, delusional, bipolar, depression and many other forms of "mental illness" been forced to endure body wrecking anti-psychotics, I was told by several psychiatrists diabetes, high cholesterol along with obesity was and to this day an acceptable risk. I weighed 215 pounds, I fully understand what it means to appear pregnant. Today I weigh 166 pounds, do not visit any mental health "professionals" yet I fail to understand why with such a bird like appetite, plenty of walking, I have not been as low as 150. Well I do understand, I've been drugged in my own home, against my firm belief and will, despite saying to myself and trusted friends and family as a child "yes I am a schizophrenic, give me those drugs when I'm not looking". Understand why a psychiatrist states, "chew and tasted your food slowly, eat plenty of salad, don't eat candy, don't drink coffee and get plenty of exercise"?

Wednesday Part 4

I do hope what I heard by a friend in the Hyannis Public Library is not true of my own home and shared home it is, "they made a porno in your room" for if it is true, truly I was "out like a light, so deeply asleep, I knew nothing despite the memory I share here that a porn could've very well become reality in my own bedroom as I slept. The notion of it all, disbelieved for whom would carry out such an execution of madness when I for one, although tempted to be in a porn, have never signed on the dotted line, never fully agreed to said action, yet much like Leonda and her tubal ligation, look back upon it all with anger, sadness and I guess the best way to get revenge is to understand my own humility and look in the mirror and smile at least to myself, something to this day, I try to practice to this very typing moment. "Living well is the best revenge, so give 'em hell, while the city sleeps" by Gene, from "Animalize".

Recently, Valentines Day, 2017, within my spam box came a email from a Valentina Zelin, a beautiful woman of whom has many "soul sisters" I learned, believing at one time or another, she too was on anti-psychotics for her size changed yet I learned last week, they are all "soul sisters" each linked yet individually different. I should've recognized it all, for it was my own words to a Nazi psychiatrist, Doctor Burger, the story of a MTV video, (can't remember the song title) about four women, each around the globe, able to fully experience everything and or anything one of or all four go through). Understand, it's as if I stepped directly into the unwritten script of life lately. Valentina, yes, I remember you in the US Hyannis Post office a couple of weeks ago, I had truly believed you were in the country of Russia and I regrettably dislike myself for turning you away, you did hear me state by the library as you stood by the post office "you f*****g whore". It was after that you put on a huge diamond ring. I too would put one on yet when I watched you put on one, I walked away with my head low, for I thought you were engaged to someone else, contrary to the fact your email told me you sought a serious man for a husband, a man to love you and accept you as is with no questions. I learn everyday. Another calculated risk for looking back upon it all, it was at the time, the illegal drug heroin was running rampant in my own neighborhood, understand, I fully love marijuana but anything else, I eagerly assist police. Had we walked together east on Main Street, perhaps your mother would be crying tears to this day not fully understanding the brutal truth of your death. Thank God that death never happened. "Never Walk Away" by Journey.

Remember the question you asked me, was I going to financially give you $370 for health insurance, the type needed to travel abroad, the type that states, no STD's are to be if any willingly transmitted" It was my response that I didn't have the funds that led you called me a zero.

It was yesterday that I fully understood why you called me a zero.

"The girl that loves you when you have nothing is the one that will help you gain everything."

It was also yesterday I learned your email address, valentina.zelin.88@gmail.com belongs to a man in Weymouth, the town that I was born in.

Wednesday Part 5

That "man"? Anthony John Inguaggiato 8481 green berry key Finnville ma 02660-8338 US

I ask myself, is it true, John reads my email to you? Woman, please know, it's my goal to walk side by side with you and this time, "never let you go".

Years ago, I accidentally (if there is any such thing) bumped into the man that became your porn partner, the man you sacrifice your ability to feel good about yourself for if not you, at least he has no problem being filmed and publicly displayed in porn, not once, but at least twice. Two times, I believed were a direct result of my daily correspondence with you yet it was predawn this morning, I learned, the video that belongs to DaneJones.Com, Small69.Com and PornHub.Com was filmed last month.

How is it what I wrote to you of what I thought was personal, private and only for you was my follow up to your own recent history? How did I know the words to write about the past when I never fully listened to then and now.

It's my own belief that "every child is born with the knowledge of past, present and future" and it takes a friend, parent, teacher, clergy person to teach a child (and adult) to understand their past, present and future, from the live for the moment, as if playing tennis to the hit from the pitchers mound to the plate out to right field" behaviorism.

You know who you are, the 5'4" tall woman with the cranberry semi thin winter jacket, the black tights and the red shoes with the totally white skin, do you understand why, although we are miles apart, it's my goal to have you in every way possible by my side as first boyfriend and girlfriend to eventually husband and wife?

Last fall, while corresponding with a woman whom worked at the now defunct Roxy, to support her child, I told her, if she wanted to be romantically involved with me, she'd have to quit that stripper business, Kathy Williams and I came to the agreement that "to quit suddenly is the equivalent of a train wreck when to slowly stop is to come to a peaceable halt"? The next day, nationwide news broke about a massive train wreck in New Jersey.

Valentina, you also wrote to my understanding "If I William truly wanted to be with you I'd be with you". Miles apart we are now yet I am with you even though as I've been quietly told, you sit on your lovers bed at the present moment.)

It was me yesterday that threatened "John" with his very life if he does not release you to me (and that's not just your "adult" works).

Oh, the Yarmouth, Massachusetts police department also got that email.

Earlier this morning, also in that same email was one of two favorite photos of you along with the freely given knowledge of an app that for example, "with one photo, matching and or offshoots can be traced". I utilized your photo only to learn there are probably dozens of under age minors that trace back to you. No I am not accusing you of being a child "molester" I am telling you, you are a woman that knows how to "pick yourself up by your bootstraps, hold your head high and carry on", a "alter" of an example, to lead one not into temptatoin. No matter the age, young or old, people including me (and my daily attempt to quit smoking cigarettes) will do as we will.

I've been assisting vice with heroin busts and learned today by a outside source via Facebook, that a Jessica was finally captured in Brockton, a major heroin distributor.

Wednesday Part 6

That same Jessica, unbeknownst to me almost two weeks ago, she was with an older man outside the Faith Academy community dining hall. My attraction to her was, although her teeth were yellow, she appeared to be thinning for lack of quality nutrition and she had a small almost nickel oval white blemish on her darker yet quite white face, she resembled one of your soul sisters. I stood by her auto and asked her name and I didn't quite understand it, so she told me she didn't want her name known. She also said the word "Brandon" as she readied to drive away with the older man in another vehicle either to lead or follow. Brandon? The first Brandon to come to mind was my nephew Brandon Mahler, a giant of a youth of whom, married to a devilish angel, the same Brandon Mahler I fully told and taught the meaning of non-lethality, the same Brandon Mahler whom spiritually told me that Janet Ellen Morris had her vagina inches from his face (I found that photo a month or so ago, years after the action took place), the same Brandon Mahler of whom I pray shall not fall victim to alcohol and anything beyond marijuana use, the same Brandon & Ashley Mahler of whom have had a two year running restraining order upon my granted by the Barnstable District Court. Why? While drinking and smoking with Brandon & Ashley during the late summer 2014, I told them "I want to talk with ISIS", it was Brandon whom "stabbed me in the back" and had me handcuffed for no apparent reason by the Yarmouth Police and taken into custody only to be placed in a mental hospital, almost six months once again, in Taunton State Hospital. When Brandon broke down and told me he was responsible, I spoke words of borderline hate and I was quite angry when I told him (to be rated PG here) I was going to have sex with his girlfriend in front of him and there'd be nothing he could do about it". Well, to this day, Brandon and Ashley probably both believe I'd have carried out my words and I know, I could never really do that, it's the Gandhi in me. It's brutally unfair that the judge sided with Brandon & Ashley for I miss greatly the time we could spend together as a family but I suppose the best of it is, I know Brandon and Ashley protect me as Peter Pans shadow always was un-catchable by Peter Pan, but is always there. It's a sad state of affairs to remind myself there's no good reason why Brandon & Ashley married each other without any other family member present, just the justice of the peace as our "Uncle" of a life long friend and mentor Richard Alan Brown, their home owner and real estate guru man of whom charges no financial rent to them, was requested to not be present.

You two feel violated by everyone? It shouldn't have been that way :-(. Coincidence or not, years before Brandon met Ashley, it was I standing in the strip club known as Zachary's Pub, applying for employment as a cook, while waiting for a manager, a young woman with the same tattoos as Ashley stood there only wearing a gold necklace asking me if I wanted to "f***" her repeatedly as I told her firmly "no". I never did get hired and looking back, although the swinger that I'm not was tempted to get "into the ring" of adult strip dancing and beyond, I'm glad I didn't. Brandon, you adn Ashley both know I shared with you the disaster of my marriage to Leonda, it's why I know, you both will stand strong and someday make me a very proud grand uncle. I hope to be there outside in the waiting room when that happens. I recall telling Ashley that I really wanted a girlfriend one day and days later, she told me she knew a friend that wanted to know me. My response was "I'm too dangerous, for its this war for and against ISIS, my involvement with September 11, 2001" that makes for bait against a girlfriend and I to be stripped of our very lives, it's why I backed out.

Wednesday Part 7

"Valentina" aka "Viola?" please know, I feel its almost useless to keep typing to you the words "I do want to be with you" for example what I wrote yesterday, before I learned valentina.zelin.88@gmail.com does not belong to "Valentina" but a man.

Uncle Fester Vladimir Putin Luke Skywalker Captain Jean luc Picard Carlos Hesser Jason Stratham Pinhead God Satan John Denver Bruce Willis John Denver Vladimir Lenin Blues Reds Molding Folding Fireworks Darkness No line on the horizon Eagle eyes Chilling Warm Home Body Mind Heart Spirit Soul


You here: 2 Hoover Road West Yarmouth MA USA 02673 Exit Seven off the mid Cape Highway Savon Left turn before Across from Savon Jefferson Ave Mismatched fences To the end towards the east Basketball hoop

Hell Or Hallelujah Money Can't Buy Me Love Mercy Mercy Through The Night Say It Ain't True C-lebrity The Prophets Song Time To Shine

I did tell you years ago I'd teach you how to drive. The tattooed arms of the man you've been with, I met him years ago.

He's whored you. You whored yourself I'm a musical prostitute in prison Freudian slip You've got what it takes Mahler. 5'6" 5'4" With condition unconditionally I understand yourself yet yearn to know you intimately in person.

That was then, this is now That big rock your hand Now I understand No video cameras here Windows to the soul Screaming voices Stealth Solidarity​ Joint Unity Seize the moment Flowing pulsing rivers No line on the horizon Eagle eyes Cascade Church Bell Apartments TD Bank Cape Cod Times Ocean Street Cafe Jack's Drum Shop Kennedy museum Hyannis Library Common Ground Rockland Trust Right turn Salvation Army St. Francis House Car lot Cape Cod Synagogue Cape Cod Cars And Trucks Staples Ocean Street Job Lot Rite Aide Carpet Land Eastern Bank Airport Train tracks Kitchen Appliance Mart Yarmouth Road Speedway & Dunkin' Donuts Hyundai Jeep Seven Eleven Savon Right angle turn Camp Street Two fences Jefferson To the basketball net Blue house Grey picket fence Side door Front right bedroom Curtain open Your blue room Yellow blanket One pillow Sony TV Xfinity Sunny D Milk Health bars Popcorn Soup and oyster crackers Hot pockets You and I Yin Yang :) :( ++ -- +-

Yours and mine

Love sweet kisses

I learned after I had written the above the sad reality is it is my memory of what actually happened to Leonda at the Cape Codder years ago, no, Vladimir Putin, John Denver, Joe Montana were never really there, but as I do, have a "twin" so there were several men that had her.

That's a classic example of myself catching up on history and just as countless others, I'm doomed to repeat.

Let Go & Let God, not just for the moment but for every millionth of a billionth of a nano second, 24/7/365.

I stand 5'6" tall yet when I let go and let God, I feel as if I stand over 6 feet. It was while walking upon Boylston Street, I let go and let God and a stranger told me "you just earned a customer".

I'll not forget the words of my "Uncle" Stu, of whom is a direct relative of Pope John Paul II. There's nothing wrong with walking and looking on the ground, its the only way to find money. Within ten seconds and ten feet after and bent down to pick of a dime.


Love & Kisses, A man that has to be led "by the hand" to find true love and I've already described her perfectly.