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Katrise (TriseysLyric) / Blog

My Latest News as of November!

What's good everyone?? I hope you all are having a wonderful fall season. I live in Orlando, so it is a little more brisk here than normal...but not very many pretty leaves to look at on the trees or anything like that. The colors here do change slightly, but it's barely even noticeable. I am going back up north to Indiana soon to get in touch with my Hoosier roots again, so I'm sure I'll be able to appreciate fall much more there at least for a few days anyway! Very exciting. Anyways, as you probably know, I've been soooooo busy with life and music as well :-). I've been diligently working on about three new songs entitled, "Right Here," "My Best Friend," and "Come to Me." None of these songs are officially part of an album yet, but they very well could be. I have to wait until they're done to see the full picture of what I could possibly do with them. The song that I've made the most progress on so far is, "Right Here." As of now, I've recorded the music and completed a rough instrumental mix, the lead vocals are done, and now I'm working on the background vocals. The next step in the process will be listening back to all the takes, making final choices about what parts to record over again (cus let's face it, I don't have the perfect voice...no one does...so I often have to re-do takes to get as close to perfect as I can), then I'll put together a rough mix. I haven't even gotten to any vocals on the other two songs. In fact, the music to "Come to Me" still needs more instruments and arrangements added to make it complete (musically). There's so much that goes into writing these songs as you can see. I feel I'm barely even scratching the surface. I plan to come up with more material as well by April of next year. What's going on in April of next year?? Well, that leads me to my next news item: I have officially registered to attend the ASCAP "I Create Music" expo in Los Angeles! This will be the first time I have ever gone and I can't tell you how excited I am about the possibilities. I plan to take all the material I already have as well as the new material I'm working on to the conference with me so that I can plant it into the hands of the movers and the shakers in this business. From what I understand, this conference is just as much about networking as it is about learning from the experts and refining your craft based on their advice. So I am eager to hear what they have to say and hope to establish some firm contacts :-). If I can at least accomplish that, it will all be worth it for me as LA is quite a hop from Orlando. Last but not least, I have upgraded my myspace profile to the new design and must say I am quite impressed with the way my page looks now. Please check out my newly designed myspace page and see if you like it better too (www.myspace.com/katrisemusic). The only thing I don't like about the new layout is the big ugly advertisement they stuck on the upper right hand corner of the page. It detracts from my music I feel....but other than that I absolutely love it! It's so much easier to get HTML on there now and I'm thankful for that. Also, I do have other means of promoting my music, so I haven't kicked up too much of a stink about the ad. As you can see, there's lots and lots of exciting things going on. I am grateful that I continue to stay busy with my music as it is such a big part of my life and who I am. I'll keep everyone updated as to what's going on. I think my next blog will be about what inspired "Right Here" so stay on the look out for that. Until next time...much much love from Katrise.

Indies in Motion

It's been way too long since my last blog entry. I know you all think I fell off the earth...but I didn't...lol. Yes! I'm still here and kicking!! Last month was absolutely insane for me both work wise and personal life wise...so I had to take a break from the music for a little bit to get things back on track again. Now that everything has leveled out some...I can dive back into the music again. As you can see, I am never bored! I always have something to do that brings variety and excitement to my life and sharing things about my music with you is one of the main things.

So...here's what's been going on with the music most recently! A few months back, I reached out to Mr. Rick Mizuno for airplay consideration on his live LA Talk Radio show, "Indies in Motion." Towards the end of last week, he got back to me and informed me that, "Play Me Some Music" would be broadcast live 9/6 at 1 p.m. PST, which was this past Monday...Labor Day. I was very excited to hear the news. I had planned to tune in live to listen to the broadcast...but of course as is typical for us musicians...something came up and I couldn't tune in live. I ended up listening to the archived/podcast of the show. In addition to other guests on the show, some from India and California, they played my song about 21:18 into the show. Their reactions to my song were amazing! They said if they hadn't have been bound to their head phones they would've been up dancing to it! This came from Rick and his co-host Angie (I think her name was). Their reactions let me know that I did my job as a producer, songwriter, and artist. "Play Me Some Music" should be the kind of song that people want to get up and dance to. I'm so glad that my original objective for this song was met. Of course, I have to give props to the man who composed/produced the beat for me...Mr. B Rob or B Rob Productions. As a team, we came up with a great collabo and it has been quite a compliment to my album, "Embrace My Music Vision."

As Mr. Rick Mizuno stated, support your local Indie artists and even your not so local ones...lol. We really need shows like his that give us independents a voice and his show certainly fits that bill.

Ok peeps..stay up and keep checking out my blogs. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop about events like this as they come up. Until next time though, embrace the vision!

Florida Juneteenth Music Festival and More!

My oh my has this been a busy month!!! Phew!! I've done so much stuff I barely know where to begin. That's why I've gotten away from my blogs and newsletters lately...but now I am back in action. I'll do my best to keep the focus on the high lights.

First off, I've had at least 2 radio interviews this month. One was with Mark Maverick of Indie 104, ~iRadio LA (for the second time) and the other one was with Mr. Deron Pitts from WDEP Internet radio. He was broadcasting live from St. Louis and so many people showed me love while we were on the air live! He even told me that the clothing store he was broadcasting from streamed my music video from Youtube onto their HD plasma screen televisions for their customers to see! Truly remarkable. Now that's what I'm talking about when I say, 'embrace my music vision!' That's how real love should be shown musically.

Another event that kept me pretty busy this month was getting ready for the Florida Juneteenth Music Review. I had the privilege of singing back up for Kendra Legare (another artist local to Orlando). On June 18 at 8 p.m. Kendra, myself, JoAnna Fleming (sax), Glenn Feit (guitar), Marlene Whitaker, and Cecily performed before a packed house at the Well's Built Museum! The crowd was so warm and receiving and responded well to Kendra's songs. I had my husband tape the show and I uploaded the videos in segments to Youtube. Check out our live performance: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=B9408147776814A1. Other local talent was also featured during this monumental night including Mr. Tevin Michael.

I was very honored to be a part of such an important event seeing how the Well's Built Museum was one of the only places that black artists were allowed to stay at while on the chitlin circuit during their travels to Orlando.

Now that this musically productive month has reached its end, I am now putting together dates to do more radio interviews, guest appearances, and performances! In the meantime in between time, take care and don't forget to embrace my music vision.

Airplay, Songwriting Contests, and more News!

Wow...April was a fun filled, yet busy month! Now I'm trudging right along into the month of May. I have to say that the month started off right with something very well received but unexpected. I received Honorable Mention for the Song of the Year 2009 contest in the R&B category! This is a rare honor for contests at this level so I was more than happy to receive it. What's even better is that they created a web award page for me, for bragging rights I gather. Check out my Facebook band page to get the link to the web award if you want to see for yourself.


Songs from my recently released album, "Embrace My Music Vision," have been receiving some pretty dedicated airplay from Internet radio stations such as Girls Rock Radio, WZOE Real FM, and Sound Machine Radio. It's especially easy to request my songs on both Girls Rock Radio and Sound Machine Radio as you can literally find my name on the playlist and click "request." I wish every station in the world was set up the same way that they are. Nevertheless all of these stations render a valuable service to us indies and I am truly grateful to all of stations that have had a hand in helping me to promote my songs! To see a complete list of stations playing my music please visit www.reverbnation.com/katrise.

More recently, I started working on a collaboration with a writer whose name I must keep on the DL for now. I think we just stumbled upon a masterpiece working together. It was beautiful because she had lyrics already written out and I wrote a bridge/melody to go with it and it seems we've struck gold. Now it's just a matter of getting a demo done and shopping the song around. I can't wait until I can talk more about this partnership we've formed. But until then, keep your head up and stay positive! I'll be writing back again soon.

CD Listening and Radio Updates!

Good morning world!

I hope that today is a great day for all. Yes, I know it's been a long time since I updated you on what's going on, but I am here now with my latest musical updates.

I recently had a cd listening party with a "live" element of me talking about my album that I recently self-released on March 15 using a web collaboration tool called Adobe Connect. The basic format of the session was, I gave an overview of the album, played the first 6 songs on the album in pairs, and talked about them in between each pair. During the latter half of the session, I played the remaining 6 songs and just answered people's questions via the Q and A pod that I had within the meeting room. Don't just take my word for it though, check it out for yourself here: http://ucf.adobeconnect.com/p82318829. This is the on demand version, which is almost as good as being there. I'd like to have another one in the future where I actually perform some of the songs over my backing track, giving it even more of a "live" feel! Honestly though, I can't figure out how to get the audio quality right via Adobe Connect in order for me to perform. It's as though Adobe Connect doesn't have enough bandwidth to handle more than one audio source coming into at a time even when it's all going through your computer's sound card. That's why I had to do more of a live listening session than a performance. In any case though, this is probably a conversation that I need to have with an audio engineer, but at least you get the gist of what I'm saying.

Since I last wrote, my music has also been picked up by a few more stations. Beach Music Cafe (based out of North Carolina) and WZOE Real FM have also added my songs to their regular rotation!!! Therefore, please be sure to tune into these stations to check out my music on the radio. Beach Music Cafe is an Internet station while WZOE streams both on the Internet and FM. For a more complete list of the other stations I'm on please visit www.reverbnation.com/katrise.

Well, I believe that about sums it up for now until the next blog. So, everyone be safe and I'll get at you again real soon with more of what's going on in my musical world!

"Embrace My Music Vision," album is now Available!!!

That's right. My new self-released CD is now available after much anticipation! You can now find "Embrace My Music Vision," on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, CD Universe, Lala, Band Camp, Napster, and more!!!

Please support my efforts by ordering yours today. Download it, buy the CD...I don't care!!!

Of course, there's several places where you can hear tracks for free but I'll just mention one: check out katrise.bandcamp.com to hear the album for free as part of the online CD listening party. If you sign up for my newsletter on Reverb nation, you can download "Slide With Me" for free. Can't beat free right?

And don't worry, I'm still looking into having that live virtual session, but this first week of my release has been nuts!!! I will get to it though. No need to fear.

Right now, I just want to send a shout out to Paige Horton for supporting my music vision. Paige manages the property I currently live in. I approached him prior to the release of my album to ask permission to hang up fliers announcing the then pending release of my album. Not only did he agree to allow me to hang up fliers on property, he also purchased the CD and has been spreading the word to his dance students!!! Indie artists and writers like us certainly appreciate that and need all the help we can get spreading the word, so thank you, thank you, thank you for your support Paige!!!

What an awesome first week of release this has been and it will continue getting better...


Don't forget about my debut commercial album's release on March 15, 2010. It's called, "Embrace My Music Vision" and it's coming at ya in less than 2 weeks.

I want to tell you all a little bit of background about this album. This thing was supposed to be done forever ago, but I had some familial tragedies I had to deal with, which postponed the recording. Well, despite having practically no budget, equipment failures, and extreme time constraints, I managed to get a rose out of concrete with this album! It's amazing how it came out despite the obstacles. You will find that the songs are highly inspired and that I'm not just displaying my talent, but giving you (the listener) a piece of my heart.

The 12 songs on this album are all about the different ways that music moves me (both literally and figuratively). Additionally, you'll have a good idea of what inspires me upon listening to this album. You'll also hear a little bit about the realism of dealing with the industry and an heir of frustration with it :-), but that's just my way of keeping it real. Of course, the most important part of listening to this album, alongside any album, is discovering what the songs mean to you. What do they remind you of when you listen to the contents? What events do you pick out in your own life that seem to relate to the lyrics? That's what truly gives a song meaning. That's the beauty behind the subjectivity of music. I'm eager to know what the music means to the public at large. So feel free to give me a buzz back with your reactions. Listen to the album in its entirety on Katrise.bandcamp.com as part of my online CD listening party.

Also please note, you can catch this album on CD Baby, Amazon, CD Universe, and Band Camp. Later on, it will be on itunes, amazon mp3, rhapsody, emusic and more!!

Love what you hear and listen with your heart. Embrace my music vision!!!!


Shout out to the Fans in France!

So nothing against the U.S., but France has been representing lately. I've been delighted to see people from France that I've never even met before, never received not even one newsletter from me downloading my album! How crazy is that??!! The power of the Internet I tell ya. I've been so excited about it. Meanwhile, people I do send newsletters too are snoozing. Wake up America! Katrise is here! LOL. Just playing...well sorta but not really :-). Hey BTW...don't forget I'm having a CD listening party online hosted by Band Camp. Just go to Katrise.bandcamp.com and check it out, the whole album in it's entirety. Hope you like what you hear. If so spread the word.

I Heart Radio

What a great start to the day I am having. You all would be proud of me! I recently submitted, "Energy," one of my album's singles to this site called "I Heart Radio." Apparently, once your music gets accepted on a site like this, it's a pretty big deal because you're exposed to over 350 + Clear Channel radio stations!!! Well, guess what? My music was approved to be on this site! I was able to upload 4 other songs, so I did, but for some reason they're not working yet. I figured I'd give it about a day or so to see if they start functioning correctly. Maybe the server's just busy or something. However, if they're not streaming by tomorrow, I may need to get with that site's support folks.

In any case though, this could be a huge outlet for exposure for my music. I'm very happy that I took the time to sign up and find out about it. I'm still on the hunt too for more! I'll keep you all updated.

Finally! Energy (The Remix)!

Good morning world,

I recently did a very exciting collab with a talented gentleman from the PA, Mr. Rihki Kennebrew. I originally linked up with Rihki because I wanted him to feature some of my singles from the upcoming album, "Embrace My Music Vision," on his radio show/podcast, "All Around the World." During consideration for airplay, he told me that he wanted to do a remix for "Energy" and the rest was song-story. "Energy (The Remix)" was born. I liked the remix so much as it has that club/bounce feel that I think a lot of music supervisors are looking for these days that I wanted to do more with that particular track than just feature it on the podcast. So now...after reaching an agreement with Rihki...and without further delay...I present to you, "Energy (The Remix)!" Check it out here on RN! Thanks again for all of your support and keep listening to the vision.