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Fifty Dollar Dynasty / Blog

Fifty Dollar Dynasty Celebrates New Single Release



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Fifty Dollar Dynasty Celebrates New Single's Release With 4-Band San Antonio Concert

Texas natives, Fifty Dollar Dynasty, to host a special concert at Fitzgerald's celebrating the release of their latest single, On Down The Road.

September 25, 2015 – SAN ANTONIO – On Thursday, October 1, Texas' original rock band, Fifty Dollar Dynasty, will release their anticipated new single, On Down The Road. The single includes two tracks, On Down The Road and All The Miles, and will be available through iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and other major retailers. To celebrate the release, Fifty Dollar Dynasty will perform a special concert on Saturday, October 10, at Fitzgerald's in their fan-hub of San Antonio.

“This release marks the beginning of an exciting new stage for Fifty Dollar Dynasty,” says Kyle Allen, lead singer and songwriter. “We've developed a lot and have some exciting new opportunities in play. With Awax Publishing, this is just the first of many new releases slated for 2015 and 2016.”

Opening acts to perform at the October 10th concert include BadHouse from Houston, Swimming With Bears from Austin, and San Antonio natives, The Sound of Curves. Fifty Dollar Dynasty hails from Bandera, and has amassed a large fan following in the neighboring historic River City of Texas.

“All our fans, particularly our San Antonio fans, have been incredibly engaged and unwavering in their support,” Allen says. “It's humbling, and we look forward to rewarding their dedication with lots of new music and bigger concerts. This next year is going to be a time of real growth and opportunities for the band, and we want to kick it off with a memorable night full of great performances.”

During a 2015 SpringBoard South industry review, music business elites, such as Cruze of RFC Media, described On Down The Road as a hit, projecting it could easily be placed in film and television. Fans have compared On Down The Road to the sound of Bryan Adams, Kings Of Leon, and Pearl Jam.

Event Information: On Down The Road Release Concert Saturday, October 10, 2015, 8:00 PM Fitzgerald's, 437 McCarty Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216 Opening Acts: BadHouse, Swimming With Bears, The Sound of Curves $10 tickets at the door. 21+ unless accompanied by an adult.

ABOUT FIFTY DOLLAR DYNASTY Having been compared to the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Incubus, and Led Zeppelin, Fifty Dollar Dynasty commands a passionate fan following. The band's music – which blends alternative rock energy with soulful blues and a shot of Texas grit – won Texas Motor Speedway’s Fast Track to Fame Contest in 2013 and earned the band a showcase at SXSW 2014. The band's biggest show to date was on New Years Eve, 2014, performing in front of 40,000 people (and 1.5 million television viewers) during the Big D NYE celebration. More Information: www.FiftyDollarDynasty.net



“Feriend” is a dedication to the life and memory of Clinton Feriend. He was a dear friend to each of us, and like a little brother to me. He honored us with his great passion for our music, and so it fit that we should compose a song for him, with his particular tastes in mind. Then, we should secretly place it at the very end of our first album, Kings & Thieves, as a hidden track - a stolen gem. We would then dedicate the album to Clinton Feriend, serving both to disambiguate the meaning of the hidden track, and to include its title. We thought this a clever scheme - one that he would have come up with himself had the tables been turned. This, we did, to honor our friend. The lyrics are simply the truth. Those memories are still very much alive and well. -Kyle Allen Length: 5:13 | Tempo: Mid 86-115 BPM. Genre: Alternative Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, College Rock, Indie Pop, Folk Singer-Songwriter, and Alternative Folk. Vibe: Soulful, Heartfelt, Romantic, Tragic, Bluesy, Emotional, Sentimental, and Smooth. Sounds Like: Everlast, Incubus, Aerosmith, and The Allman Brothers Band. Songwriters: Kyle Allen, Tyrel Rolin Stone. Lyrics: I remember, I was nineteen You were just a kid back when Time was just a place amidst infinity Things have changed a bit since then I remember you were just nineteen Well things have changed a bit, my friend The memories, they will never lie down The good times, they will never die, no They’re not like you and me We were made to say goodbye We were meant to leave this life So many things I would like to say to you It beats me up a time or two They say, “All good things come to an end.” We’re sure gonna miss you, my friend Sure gonna miss you… The memories, they will never lie down The good times, they will never die, no They’re not like you and me We were meant to say goodbye We were meant to leave this life

"Tunnel Vision"

With powerful driving beats, kaleidoscopic ambience, exploding dynamics, and rolling melodies, "Tunnel Vision", is an electric whirlpool of doomsday rock'n'roll with a message to deliver: Stick glued to that tube, drink your kool-aid, believe everything that you see (excepting the countless blessings surrounding you in reality), turn your fear to anger and direct it where they tell you to - drive your spike into big oil, drive your car while your bike sits idle, bitch while gas prices hike, buy yourself that electric car which derives it's magical world-saving power from coal fire, never mind the gas required to acquire nickel for those batteries while you have spite for every sob with an SUV - bite me. Take a hike buddy. I don't need some fuddy-duddy pooping on my end-of-the-world party. I'll be catching that wave, making s'mores galore, or slamming my last coors light in the last flash of light. Strike a pose! Your fossilized remains might be on display someday! ...Eh-hem...Pardon my soap-box... The message is perhaps a bit less explicit... Much less. Length: 5:19 | Tempo: Fast 116-140 BPM. Genre: Alternative Rock, Experimental/Rock, College Rock, Art-Rock/Experimental, and Space Rock. Vibe: Fast-paced, Spacey, Rocking, Aggressive, Passionate, Suspenseful, Hi-Energy, and Political. Sounds Like: Muse, Filter, A Perfect Circle, Radiohead, The Foo Fighters, Switchfoot, and Rage Against The Machine. Songwriters: Kyle Allen, Tyrel Rolin Stone. Lyrics: Tell me how does the world look through Your tiny window Everything is stretched and skewed But it's all that you know Sell me all the hypocrisy that's Been sold to you Tell me that it's all gone wrong We're finished through and through So everything is coming down And I hope that you won't be around 'cuz I'm gonna die happy I'm gonna die with a smile on my face Everything is coming down And I hope that you won't be around I'm gonna die happy I'm gonna die with a smile On my face Tell me how do you see these things Fading into view With everything it takes for you To believe the things you do Everything has all gone wrong We're finished through and through That's all they say That's all you know is true And you waste away In your tunnel vision

"The Day You Came"

The wreckage of a vessel, having been restored to seaworthy condition will henceforth clearly exhibit the signs of previous damage to the informed observer. A passenger, having no knowledge whatsoever of the ship's history and thus lacking the ability to make the proper distinctions, would nevertheless have the same experience as the captain. The vessel in this story, is that of a man, afflicted by the pain from a wreck in his past. He suffers long nights awake while his lover sleeps alone in the next room. During particularly bad bouts, he shuts himself inside his mind, thereby locking her out. On one occasion he observes her from this place. He discovers her loneliness, and that of his own; her confusion, and the daunting nature of his behavior. He discovers the truth, and his mistake. Length: 4:55 | Tempo: Fast 116-140 BPM. Genre: Alternative Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, and College Rock. Vibe: Soulful, Rocking, Conflicted, and Lonely. Sounds Like: The Black Keys, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, and Queens Of The Stone Age. Songwriters: Kyle Allen, Tyrel Rolin Stone. Lyrics: I think Therefore I am awake The pain is here to stay So I will go away And turn hours to days And days to decades And decades to graves But it’s always the same Since the day you came I’m awake I’m awake And you’re lonely It’s only me you’re seeing When you find me ‘cuz I’m alone Alone Alone What’s that you see babe When you’re looking starboard Is it only me Is it only sea Are you still alone I sink, I blink I think Therefore I am Awake I take another to make The pain go away But I will be okay Just as long as you stay But I pray That it won’t be the same Since the day you came


Once upon a time, self-awareness returned to me as if from the hypnotic trance of a day dream - except, it was night-time. A sudden rush of paranoia had come over me. I was sitting alone in a quiet house out in the middle of the woods - totally surrounded by huge, invisible, insanely intelligent and evil ancient creatures enslaved by a maniacal red king who’s power stretched across thousands of worlds from his prison upon a high terrace of a Dark Tower! After realizing I had not been noticed yet, I slowly and quietly set down the book I had been reading (The Dark Tower, by Stephen King), and fled. In the Dark Tower, Roland Deschain of Gilead could put a subject in a trance within seconds by making a bullet dance back and forth across the top of his knuckles. Is that really possible?? I had to learn more. Sometime later, I found myself leaving Barnes and Nobles with a guide book on hypnosis. My brother and I each read it and then began a series of top-secret hypnosis sessions late at night at my house. It worked. Every session, we would each take a turn being the hypnotist and then the subject. Each time we got further and further down into the depths of consciousness. Cool stuff was down there - including a strip mall with various “quit this” and “stop doing that” shops. I picked up a “quit hurting” for my back, and a “stop doing pain pills”. Pretty good deal, I thought. Though we didn’t gain Roland’s uncanny ability to instantly drop someone into a trance, we did acquire the incredible skill of on-demand instantaneous total-body relaxation (which is handy when you have back problems). The lyrics of this song are about hypnosis. They are an expression of that time in my life when my brother and I began our adventures into the depths of the mind - the soothing, relaxing, sinking feeling; the prospect of exploring the world of dreams; discovering the truth behind myths and legends of esoteric knowledge, the powers of the mind, and the power of suggestion. In fact, if you are an experienced and willing subject, this song is my equivalent to Roland’s dancing bullet…Just listen… 5, 4, 3, 2……SNAP Length: 5:22 | Tempo: Mid 86-115 BPM. Genre: Alternative Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, College Rock, and Southern Rock. Vibe: Rocking, Southern, Eerie, and Mysterious. Sounds Like: Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, The Black Crows, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Filter. Songwriters: Kyle Allen, Tyrel Rolin Stone. Lyrics: You see yourself in a picture And you’re sinking down But there’s something else in the distance That you haven’t found You know you were always there and never said a word Being paralyzed will never kill you Why you wanted to go down Is no mystery I see you going under the sand And you’re history Bye You’ve been here too long Why did you look into the sun when you know Fire will only burn you Now that you’ve been singed Your only fear: Lies in the rearview You know you were always there and never said a word Being paralyzed will only still you


Jazzy, ambient, and dream-like, this music will float you through the clouds of a dream about a girl - she is your world, but a great wind swept you to another. She finds herself missing you, but she will not come to you, and you cannot return to her. You are faced with the choice to either forget each other, or stay true, and endure loneliness. Length: 5:31 | Tempo: Mid 86-115 BPM. Genre: Alternative Rock, British Blues, College Rock, 90's Rock, Jazz/Blues, and Jazz-Rock. Vibe: Soulful, Jazzy, Rocking, Bluesy, and Inspirational. Sounds Like: Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, and Pearl Jam. Songwriter: Kyle Allen. Lyrics: It’s been a long day The sun hangs on my eyes I found the fault line A shift and a wave Goodbye And I rose on an island The sea had overturned the sand She said, “I am the savior And I will take you in my hand Sail in my hand” If I didn’t care That you are not here Would it be unfair If I made you disappear So tell me the end of it all Are you afraid to fall So what is it, then, darling Must I wake up again It’s been a long day The moon is on the rise I lost the deadline Somewhere in your eyes And I rose up in your mind Just a tangle in your hair You say I am the strange one Just a stranger in your head You say your only save is lonely Safe is lonely …If I didn’t care…


“Pointer” communicates a simple human desire - a change of pace. Something akin to the romantic idea associated with hitching a ride and going wherever it takes you. The present situation has got the soul in a bind, and feeling lethargic. Something about the past is calling the hearts attention, igniting a spark. The prospect of an uncertain future is mysterious and exciting, and the soul longs for that rejuvenation. The name refers to the steadfast compass needle - that instrument that guides us through uncertain times, keeping us on solid ground. This song is a dedication to the memory of our little friend, Benny Fletcher, who's memorial stone stands at the end of a winding road on the top of a tall hill. There, one can see for miles around. In a small leather pouch, Benny's ashes have traveled the world, and ridden alongside some of the best bull riding cowboys of the day. His nickname was Pointer. Length: 3:51 | Tempo: Fast 116-140 BPM. Genre: Alternative Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, College Rock, Blues-Rock, and Southern Rock. Vibe: Soulful, Bluesy, Rocking, Southern, and Funky. Sounds Like: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, Led Zeppelin, and Pearl Jam. Songwriters: Archer Finley, Kyle Allen. Lyrics: Well yeah, I’m on this winding road Headed straight for your stone Well yeah, I’m in this binding mode Caught up in the undertow So take me on your ride in Well, could you take me along, my friend On your wind On to the end Well I know I could be drawn in by your skin So take me on your ride in Well I’m moving to higher ground Some place where I can be found Where I can see all around All around And I'm hearing the farthest sound… …So loud…


We fit together great at first, but then we flew apart. According to her, this was my fault. I thought the fault was hers. Sometime later, however, I made the observation that we were each merely being true to our nature, and that this disagreeable occurrence could become a perpetual cycle. I promptly released, and wrote about the profundity. The music exhibits the various elements of this theme as well - From the steady idling spin of the verse, to a short transition whereupon the she comes to rest in the cradle. The pre-chorus starts its slow arc of the first spin. The angular momentum of her body aided by the centripetal force of the cradle allows her to momentarily appear suspended at the apex, followed by an almost violent burst of speed into the chorus. One more adjustment in timing, barely lifting a finger, and the wall that stood in the tangential path of her inertia goes slack; she shoves it aside and is out of sight in the blink of an eye. Length: 4:35 | Tempo: Fast 116-140 BPM. Genre: Alternative Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, College Rock, Pop Rock, and Post-Grunge. Vibe: Rocking, Soulful, Cool, Energetic, and Tense. Sounds Like: Stone Temple Pilots, Kings Of Leon, Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse, and Incubus. Songwriter: Kyle Allen. Lyrics: Cut it loose Your love is only abuse To you The news is known The fuse is blown It’s just you You’re alone So cut it loose Your pain is self-induced You’re confused If it’s too dark for you to see Then how can you still follow me I am a sling You are a stone You have no wings You have no home You always say that you were thrown When all I do is let you go I let you go So let it soak Your hate is only a joke To me The seed is dry The weed is high It’s just you It’s in your mind So let it soak in Your favorite things always broke If I was so wrong And I put you down Then how can you still come around

"Bag In My Shoe"

Description: Ok, The Great Gatsby (minus the pink suit... and whatever other weird drama was going on there) - high class, lots of cash, at a cocktail party with the rest of the clowns, but with a secret. She left you for some fraud - but who cares. It's over. You've tied up all the loose ends and your only responsibility is... not taking on any responsibilities. Everything you own is in the car, and in your pocket is the key to freedom. You knew it was going to be your lucky day, and you just hit the jack pot. You make up your mind right there as the river of cash overflows into your lap - as soon as you deal with whatever is stuck in your shoe, you're gonna’ blow this joint, claim your freedom and hit the road. Length: 4:10 | Tempo: Fast 116-140 BPM. Genre: Alternative Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, College Rock, and Jazz-Rock. Vibe: Jazzy, Soulful, Cool, Retro, Independent, and Carefree. Sounds Like: The Black Keys, Kings Of Leon, The Killers, Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse, and Brian Setzer. Songwriters: Kyle Allen, Tyrel Rolin Stone. Lyrics: I got a glass in my hand And a key in my pocket And I know that it’s ok ‘cuz everyone gets their day I got a load in the back And I’m headed for everywhere I got one more thing to do There’s a bag in my shoe Baby, you won I’m alone, I’m gonna hit the road One more stop Before destiny One more drop And I’ll have this thing paid off No more radio No more TV No more no more And I’ll have everything I got an ace in my hand And there’s three on the table And I know that it’s ok ‘cuz everyone gets their day I got one more night to stay But I’m checking out today I got a place to go And that’s everywhere but home


Free song download for 24 hours! There are but two things that can deliver the feeling of satisfaction that comes when justice has been served - Justice being served, and flippin' the bird. That sound you are hearing there...it is the sonic equivalent of flying the finger of justice! There is only one thing that is colder and harder than the cold hard truth - and that, my friend, is cold hard sarcasm! Those lyrics you are hearing there…Bingo. This is a little song by a little band from a little town trying to hit the big time in a big world full of big talkers. So, to the nay-sayers for their words of encouragement; to the phonies for giving us that one big chance; to the fools for your expert advice; to the liars for really telling us how it is; and most of all, to the haters, for being the wonderful unwitting victims of our favorite type of figurative language: Thanks Amillion! Length: 3:22 | Tempo: Extreme 141 BPM +. Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, and 90's Rock. Vibe: Driven, Intense, Rocking, Energetic, Hi-Energy, Fast-paced, Sarcastic, and Sassy. Sounds Like: Stone Temple Pilots, The Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Filter. Songwriter: Kyle Allen. Lyrics: So you know It’s a lie I need you and your reason why We’re dead It’ll never sell I got a halo on my head and a ticket to hell, yeah? Thanks a million I don’t know what I would have done Without your expert opinion Ah, yeah… Your good intentions, Your perfect sense of direction I’m sure to be your number one Ah, yeah… Well, thanks a million So you know It’s your bag We gotta go and carry your flag You can take it You can make it sell You gotta gun in your hand and an empty shell, yeah?