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In My Blood. Through My veins. Engraved In My Soul.

Well ever since I was about 3 years old. I remeber looking at my mom and dad, A singer and a musician, The perfect couple. ANd thinking to myself I hope one day I can be just like them. I want to be happy just like them, pouring my heart out writing and singing and composing my music. Putting my emotions out in a positive constructive way, by creating Songs. Making music....Can anyone think of a more beautiful thing?...Music touches everyone...It can make you Happy, Depressed, Angry, You can feel like you've fallen in love, or just got into a fight by the end of a powerful, or meaniful song...Nothing can get into your soul more then a song that touches you deeply...A lyric that hits your heart..Or even the music, you can feel the emotion through the chords being played...Music effects everyone, It can have a positve or negitive effect, depending on the connection you have with it, The way it was written, or the meaning behind it... I love music, It's my life, My number one love, the thing I am more passionate about, then anything else in my life...It's something I can always turn to. And I thank my parents for making me this way. Music runs through my veins, it in my blood, I don't have a choice. It's engraved in my soul. It's in everything I do...Everything that happens to me, good or bad...only inspires me to write...and create some form of music...And I'm so greatful... Even though my parents couldn't get their marriage to work..They will always have what they composed wrote and sang together. And what more could you ask for...no matter what, they can't ever say nothing good came out of our marriage..A failed marriage, maybe, but it was the most talented one I ever saw, and they created such beatiful songs, that neither of them could have done with such results, with their final product without eachother... Can't imagion not growing up in the musical house I grew up in. And I want nothing less in my own future. I can't imagion my future without music in it, everyday.

Andy Coyle
Andy Coyle  (over 4 years ago)

wow! thanx my Boop! i just saw this i guess its 3 years ago but you r right! we will always have those songs that music the good xs we had creating the songs! and so glad u are into music also! keep up the great work!! i love you!!