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Saving Cecil's Pride


Saving Cecil's Pride


Saving Cecil's Pride



Music you must get!


Spooky Music for Halloween!


So Busy!

Between bouts of music creation and the day job I am trying to listen to everything sent to me from many vectors. So much music, so little time. I compose in the am and try to listen and absorb by night.

A place to listen to me and others

ASTREAUX WORLD http://www.live365.com/stations/astreaux?play

Moving Forward

I am on board with Asnazzy Productions. Look for mastered tracks for sale. Look for even more and diverse music.


It's been a rough few months for me and my family. The next time you look at your microphone, remember my spouse. He got his left hand caught in a machine that forms microphone heads when the machine cycled out of sequence. It severed the first joint of his pinky and destroyed his thumb for the most part. The doctors have done the best that they can but he'll never get back what he's lost. It could have been a lot worse but it's bad enough as it is. This is another lovely road block that has once again impacted my music. I find it ironic that the very thing we musicians use has been the cause of his injury.


After 18 months of casually making music my myspace page hit 10K. For me that is awesomeness and a milestone. It's also a kick in my butt to keep at it.