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New album - State of Mind -

New album - State of Mind - Available in the best online stores the next 28 of July. Arrangements and Mastering : Mirage of Deep "Recordando tu Aroma" Featured by Sarai Ursy

VV.AA.: Lost Frontier Christmas sampler 2012

LINK: http://www.lostfrontier.org/2006/documents/descargas/christmas_sampler_2012.html

Por 7º año consecutivo vuelve a ser un orgullo poder presentar nuestro álbum especial recopilatorio de Navidad, con 20 composiciones originales, 18 de ellas exclusivas de este CD.

Como siempre, deseo expresar mi más profundo agradecimiento a todos los artistas que han decidido involucrarse en este proyecto de manera totalmente desinteresada, algunos haciendo un esfuerzo especial por estar aquí. Sois vosotros los que lo habéis hecho. Esta es vuestra obra. 01 Psicodreamics: Children of the Cold, ©2012 Psicodreamics 02 Javier Arnanz: The Wise Men, ©2011 Javier Arnanz 03 G.R.O.K.: It's Magic, ©2012 G.R.O.K. 04 Cambridge: Overtura, ©1994 Cambridge 05 Pepe Acevedo: Estrella Fugaz, ©2012 Pepe Acevedo 06 Eddo: Voces de Amistad, ©2012 Eddo 07 J. M. Quintana Cámara: Peaceful Holy Night, ©2012 J. M. Quintana Cámara 08 Víctor Mayor Leiva: Heaven Tells, ©2012 Víctor Mayor Leiva 09 Raúl Gonzalo: Santa's Journey, ©2012 Raúl Gonzalo 10 Carlos J. Vera: Christmas Angel, ©2012 Carlos J. Vera 11 El Petit Jardí: Fallen for You (Xmas Mix), ©2012 El Petit Jardí 12 Javier Vecino: ¿Y Si...?, ©2012 Javier Vecino 13 Javier Sabadell: Intimacy, ©2012 Javier Sabadell 14 Nelman Music System: Vella Seqüència, ©2012 Nelman Music System 15 Eloy Terrero: Navidad en Encélado, parte 4, ©2012 Eloy Terrero 16 David Roa feat. Jana: Bitácora, ©2012 David Roa 17 ODD: My Suicide, ©2012 ODD 18 Juanma71: Bajo la Misma Estrella, ©2012 Juanma71 19 Javier Galea: Another Christmas, ©2012 Javier Galea 20 Roger Subirana: Hymn to Peace, ©2012 Roger Subirana

©2012 Creative Commons Atribución/No Comercial/Sin Derivadas 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Chilled Podcast Episode 60 (by Dj Cary)

Chilled podcast episode 60 - 11 fantastic tracks! Expand Your Musical Horizons – 60

uploaded 31 January 2010

download AAC version (iTunes, with graphics and links):


Aor Agni and Friends - OneAor Agni leads this episode Get ready for another memorable episode, beginning with an introduction from Julien of Aor Agni in France. We begin with some cinematic trip hop and then get funky with a j-pop track from Hemz & Shigeko, followed by some dubstep/cumbia fusion from Joelito (of emayocutz.com) and Vate. Some of these tracks are not on anylabel or netlabel, while others might be familiar to you.

We’ve also got a deep remix from El Petit Jardi in Spain (found on ccMixter), some representation for the Id.eology netlabel with Authist & Dub One!, plus tracks from Izmar, a brand-new track from Shyam Monk, one from Tikki Masala, and a Cydelix track from the newest release on Cosmicleaf: “The Right to Remain Silent.” Get ready for an eclectic pleasure trip!

PLAYLIST, EPISODE 60 Introduction from Julien of Aor Agni 1. AOR AGNI – Entre Ciel et Terre (from “Aor Agni and Friends – One,” download from www.jamendo.com) 2. SCREENATORIUM – Pearls (from “Audimat,” download from www.jamendo.com) 3. HEMZ AND SHIGEKO – Sono Taido (unreleased, see their website at www.brokenpoetry.com) 4. JOELITO – Juego de Shabba (unreleased, see the emayo cutz website at www.emayocutz.com) 5. VATE – Cochonda (from “Cochonda,” download at www.jamendo.com) 6. EL PETIT JARDI -- Sin Sentido (Medieval remix, featuring Carmen La Puerta) (download from ccMixter.org) 7. AUTHIST AND DUB ONE – Ferry to Punjab (remix by Backwater Planet, featuring Zengineers) (from the “Re ID.d 2” compilation on the Ideology netlabel, www.ideology.de) 8. IZMAR – Funky Sitar (from the “Secular” EP, find it at www.archive.org) 9. SHYAM MONK – Marugelara (find it at www.jamendo.com or on his website) 10. TIKKI MASALA – Shanti Chanting (unreleased, find it on www.electrobel.be) 11. CYDELIX – Stigma Union (from the release “The Right to Remain Silent,” from Cosmicleaf Records…buy from iTunes orAmazon) Creative Commons License released under a Creative Commons license