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The Big Branch Mine Disaster

Great American Taxi sends our thoughts out to the families and communities affected by the mining disaster at the upper big branch mine. We hope that their unconquerable Appalachian spirit and families can help them navigate these difficult times. The country and the world share in their grief. We need coal. We need our miners to be safe. We need understanding on all sides of this contentious issue of our national energy policy. We would like to make Taxis' tribute to that Appalachian spirit available as a download here and suggest a donation to the WV council of churches to assist the families of our fallen brothers. Let's all come together and honor the families who have paid that ultimate price for our energy needs and hope that this is the last such disaster we must face.

The free download is at http://www.greatamericantaxi.com

CD Release !!

We are thrilled to be (finally) officially releasing our new CD 'Reckless Habits' on March 2 2010 !! We will be touring the U.S. extensively all Spring and Summer in our campaign to sell a copy to every human on Earth. Don't be left out, you too can be a part of this next all-important development in the long evolution of our species. Those who don't believe in evolution are also welcome to buy the CD and those folks will be sure to enjoy the intelligent design of the packaging and the alluring naughty nuns featured on the cover!

Hope to see you out there, folks!

Peace n' love, Great American Taxi