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A Visual World

I've been thinking how we live in such a visual world. Youtube, vimeo, bluefish and the list goes on. I have to admit that I love it. Since the introduction of the television at the 1939 worlds fair, we can watch what with delight our favorite programs and surf through hundreds of channels to find virtually what we want to watch.

But what about audio? If we are baby boomers or younger, many of us don't know what its like without TV. We don't have any idea what its like to sit around a radio to The Shadow, Little Orphan Annie etc. I can't help but think how our imagination works differently with only audio. There are times when I really like just listening. Your imagination goes from what the people look like, to where they are sitting, to whom are they talking, what they are wearing, and what the setting is. When we listen to radio, we all have an image of what the DJ, news person or traffic guy may look like. We imagine!

I also wonder if a debate would turn out differently if we only used audio. We would only listen to substance, articulation etc. How they "look" would be inconsequential.

So give it a chance. I'm posting a link to Old Time Radio. Feel free to give it a try and see what kind of images you come up with.

Gotta go. I'm in the middle of listen to a 1950 broadcast of "Father Knows Best."



As I sit here staring at my Dad's purple heart pinned to a picture frame of him standing in front of a cannon, I'm thinking of Shrapnel. It was 1944. My Dad was in Germany. He was in a fox hole when "Boom" it hit, yes the bomb hit. Shrapnel entered the left side of his body and his buddy was killed. Doctor's could not remove all of it, as it was too close to his heart. Too close! My Father lived until he was 74 years old with shrapnel in his side. I remember as a kid looking at the scar with typical things going through a kids mind. "How did that happen?" "Where did you get that scar Dad?" He had a close call. The fact is, I would not be here if he had died on that battlefield.

Have you ever thought about that? Thought about how God has watched over not only you, but over your parents so you could be born? Yes God has a plan for you. He has watched over you and is continuing to do so. Be obedient to His will. God saved my Dad's life. Now I'm here. I guess I better get busy......I guess you better get busy too. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart." Jer.1:5