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Check it out, we're on Spotify! https://play.spotify.com/album/1ig8itPZOzkP3p7M6zKuyW


And remember Amazon? Buy one on Amazon, one on Cdbaby, and one on iTunes and that should last you a while! http://www.amazon.com/ETC/dp/B00DRA27HO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1372890432&sr=8-1&keywords=keely+blaze+%26+the+boys


Check it out folks- you can now buy our debut album on iTunes, so look out!x

You can now BUY OUR ALBUM!

HEY! Go buy our CD, or just listen to it, or use it as a coaster (it would make a GREAT coaster!), just take a looksie here because our debut album is officially available on CDbaby, and soon to be sold on Amazon and iTunes, as well as available for streaming on various sites, including Spotify! YIPEEEEE!!! For all you special peeps that get free hardcopies, hold your horses, they're coming!x


Debut Album!

CHECK IT: THE DIGITAL RELEASE OF THE ALBUM-and check out that album art! Our art director and compilations manager, Sarah Ritter, is A GENIUS, we know! You can also grab an exclusive download of our opening track, "Cold Dark World," for a limited time! Buy links and CD release show dates to come soon, stay tunes folks!x


This has been an amazing 24 hours on our personal campaign trail. Big thanks to all who donated, posted, liked, retweeted, and checked out our Kickstarter project in any way within it's first hours. Your interests are greatly appreciated and do not go unnoticed. If we continue on this trajectory, we will nearly triple our funding goal!

Big Love from KB & The Boys www.keelyblaze.com

Keep in Touch!

Hey folks,

Just checking in to keep everyone updated on our current opportunities! Soon, we're releasing our new EP, launching our new Website, and throwing a Kickstarter fundraising project into the mix! So keep in touch, and we'll see you soon! x