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Soulfinger Update 2/1/12

Soulfinger Friends, Blessings to All, thankful to One. We will be releasing one of our latest originals "The Message Is In The Music", an inspirational Funk song with our classic heavy horn sound, led by Pee Jay Alexander, within the next month on our Soul Reason Records label. We will be releasing a full length album this summer and will be touring the Southeast this summer. Looking forward to seeing each of you, please come say hi!


What Would James Brown Do?

The Funk Is Back- The new Soulfinger Android App.

Fellow soul fans! Android Market-Soulfinger App.....Do It!

Back On the Scene

Soulfinger Fans! We would like to thank God for the opportunity to play for you...... Soulfinger has some new songs uploaded to our site AND Soulfinger is back on the scene with some new songs, new venues and a new year! THANK YOU TO ALL THE FANS OF TRUE FUNK/SOUL/R&B! The NEW is the OLD! Thank you for a great year in '10!

Soulfinger: Doing it big!

Soulfinger is getting ready to record some new original tunes. Look for new singles in the next few months!!