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based on a true story

this next album is going to be purely a solo mission. all of my original work of all of my life moments written in raw instrumentation, mostly piano, and just getting down to the nitty gritty words and a simple voice. hope you will enjoy it. now back to recording one of my favourites on the album. it's called "little things"


True inspiration of songwriting comes from daily events, troubles, and emotions of yourself and those that surround you. It may not be a song you write; it may just be a tune that you end up humming to yourself everyday; it might be a song you hear on the radio one day that brings out emotions you wish to put into words, that you can one day later record or just speak aloud to someone special. the band Parachute does this to me quite recently and hopefully in the next month, I'll release some great quality work. Thanks for tuning in.

Enjoy the ride; it's only life. kels. xo

Sticking To Your Instincts

I never found my name to be of 'stage name' quality, so I experimented with a few names but I find I don't appear to of that name. Kelsey is what I was given at birth, and a name that truely depicts who i am in everything I do. I needed a little push from a few people to stay true to myself and my music is geared towards just living life as it is and to not change yourself for anybody. So why was I changing my name to fit social structure, the industry and my music? I was putting out a false statement which I now regret and have learned from the mistake.

I want everyone to know that they shouldn't have to change for anybody. No matter what people say, they shouldn't define you. Their opinions may have a factor in your results but the main instinct that you have should be the one you stick with.

So I'm sticking with Kelsey Elizabeth because Elizabeth my middle name, and the first name of my mother who is been my main supporter of everything I do all my life. The name is full of love and empowerment, happiness and growth and hopefully through my music journey, I can experience all of these with many of you.

Thank you, K.E.

Band Refresher

Hello everyone - here is a quick update of what has been going on with my music. My guitarist Andrew left for Australia in January to go to school and won't be coming back for a year. So I am on the lookout for a new guitarist. With the help of my friend Andre who is going to help me shoot some music videos and make my first demo, we have hopefully found a keeper. I will keep you posted. K.