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Give our originals, "Attain" & "Falling In" a listen. We have various influences that shape our own sound. We are now about to go full force. The originals we are currently working on may surprise you. We're hoping to get back in the studio soon. We have several songs we are so very anxious to share with our fans! We'll keep you posted as we move forward. The next several months will be exciting ones for us.

New live video of our original song "Falling In."

Please check out our videos, and listen to a live performance of "Falling In" from our show this past Saturday night! If you like it, we would love it if you'd stop by our YouTube channel and post a comment or click the thumbs up button! Thanks for your support!!

Ready to rock this spring!

We're gearing up for our next show at TK's Pub on Friday, April 8th. Then we'll spend a few weeks trying to pick up some new covers for our April 30th show at Kingpin in J-town. Last, but certainly not least, we will be playing Patrick O'Shea's downtown on Oak's night...Friday, May 6th. In between here and there, we are continuing to learn some new covers as well as get Paul up to speed on our point1zero original tunes.

What's up with the P1Z?

The end of 2010 is near. We expect 2011 to be an exciting year for us. Less than two weeks ago I got to load a box of CDs into my car featuring two point1zero songs. I can't really explain how exciting that was. For me, it was a first to see our picture on a sleeve with our band name and song titles listed. Check out Odd Sock Records here on ReverbNation, or go to oddsockrecords.com for more info on the artists featured on the compilation.

Over the next few months of 2011, we'll be trying to sell our CDs and land some gigs in order to build up our recording fund once again. We'll be working on new originals and getting them studio ready in an effort to complete our first full-length point1zero release.

I've said it to my band mates and to my family...it doesn't really matter to me if anything happens with any of this. When there are hundreds of thousands of bands out there trying to "make it", we all know that the chances of doing so are slim to none. It's all about who you know and/or being at the right place at the right time. I'm content in the fact that my dream is already happening. I'm doing something I love, and I get to hear it come to life when I push play.