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Rebel Bites, 2-Year-Old Girls, and the sounds of LA River

We had a GREAT time at Rebel Bites in Long Beach last night! Our most captivated audience member was 2-year-old Jessica who made requests of Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and You Are My Sunshine - all of which we happily played along with our well-received originals and the handful of covers we play. Here's hoping we get back down to Long Beach soon!

House of Blues Sunset Foundation Room 5/17/13

We had an AMAZING turnout for our HOB gig on May 17! Although it was an early start, we managed to pack the place with our family and friends while picking up some new fans along the way. We appreciate the soundman, Eric, for making us sound so sweet and the bartender, Lance, for serving the beer so cold. All-in-all, it was a triumphant return for LA River!

The Office 9/10/09

We would like to thank Rolando at The Office in Burbank for having us out last night. Although the crowd was thin, those who were there got great service, great food and beer, and a whole lot of great music! We had fun meeting and hanging out with the regulars and look forward to a return visit (preferably on a weekend so we can get the older folks out).The Office is a nice place to play, however, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: 1) There is no stage, just an area; 2) Bring stands, mics and cables. The sound from the playing area is incredible. The club has a pair of JBL's that hang from overhead and they kind of act like rear monitors. All of the vocals were clear and could be heard at the front of the club. It was nice to play our set and hear the people up front clapping and commenting on our songs. The only bad part is that you can't see the front from the playing area due to the kitchen. Still, we carried on with those who would shout things out and those who ventured to the back to see who was making all the noise.We only played two covers in a 2-hour period.That's right. We have created a set-list of 12 songs, including the Everly Brothers' "Dream," that stretches to 45 minutes. We played through this list and took a little break. When we returned we winged it. Kevin pulled out his list of other songs we had rehearsed and we started playing through them, throwing in "Crazy Train," "Male Declaration" and "The BJ Song" for good measure. Before we knew it we had played through 12 more songs and had played two solid sets.We wrapped up at midnight. The bar was mostly empty at that point and we had played almost all of our songs. Rolando, Aldo and the remaining few all introduced themselves, shook our hands and told us how much they enjoyed our sound. We encouraged them, as we do everybody, to share us with their friends and to keep coming to see us because, hey, it's only going to get better.

The Pig & Whistle 9/5/09

Hey y'all...

We had a lot of fun at the Pig & Whistle in Hollywood last night. We were a little apprehensive when we arrived and the first performer was shouting "Fuck" at the top of his lungs (albeit, musically). The second group was very good and reminiscent of Joss Stone.

We were a little disappointed that we were not able to play our full 45-minute set. Apparently the soundman had somewhere he had to be because he cut us off after 30 minutes. I have to say I don't agree with the way it was done because we had paying customers in front of us wanting more. We did manage to squeeze off the ultimate birthday song (The BJ Song) before we ceded the stage.

The numbers were not incredible but after the excitement of booking other gigs this week we kind of got lost in the promotion shuffle. Not that any show is more important than the other but we decided to push our friends and fans to the House of Blues/Voodoo Lounge show on 9/18. Although the vibe is really nice on Wednesday nights at the P&W, playing on the weekend really takes a lot of push to get a crowd. Definitely check them out if your options are limited but be prepared to do lots of promoting or bring your own audience.