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Success Is The Greatest Revenge

Success Is The Greatest Revenge Everyone in life has haters, I mean haters even have haters lol funny enough! But the question is can everyone surpass there haters and not let what they do, or what they say dictate their state of mind?.......Well the answer is No! Have you ever noticed that when your trying your hardest to make something good happen for you, a hater or should I say a Negative minded person pops out of nowhere and tells you that you can't do something. Well in my opinion i hate that! here's the real challenge-"will you allow there actions to cause you to change who you are? Or, will you just bite your tongue and accomplish what is more important to you? I will put it like this, when you respond you end up lowering your standards, but if you succeed at what they said you cannot do then you have given the Best Revenge to the ones that have doubted you. I will leave you with this: Be great Succeed at Whatever it is you want in life and never forget Success Is The Greatest Revenge!(mrnwakobi.blogspot.com) For More Blogs

T-$POON AKA NAP  (about 6 years ago)