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..gone are the things i wanted.. ..gone are the silent screams.. ..gone are the dreams i fashioned.. ..gone you know we are to be..

From the mind of a survivor.

..My dark clouds intercept the sun, ..Come here in spring to weep, ..When the autumn days are done, ..White mist lies down to sleep. ..and i Wonderwhy.. ..No echoes of the the world afar, ..Disturb me night or day, ..But sun and shadow,moon and star, ..Pass by me without pay. ..and i Wonderwhy.. ..Along the shore the Raven flew, ..From a speck on high, ..Then hovered in my deepening blue, ..She brings judgement from the sky. ..and i Wonderwhy.. ..as daylight waits to die.. ..i Wonderwhy.

Twisted Folk

'Elsewhere and the Bumble fly' would like to announce their new band name..We have chosen 'Twisted Folk' as not only our style of music but from now on we will be know as 'Twisted Folk'..Thanks,Bumble. 8~)


"ELSEWHERE AND THE BUMBLE FLY" an ACOUSTIC/TWISTED FOLK' band from Ontario Canada...To acheive their unique sound it all starts off with Bumble's ALTERNATIVELY TUNED ACOUSTIC GUITARS to which is added 3 time published POET Elsewhere's vocals and his almost MEDIEVAL STYLE OF STORY TELLING...then dripped over top is Leszek's WICKED ELECTRIC GUITARS and there you have it "TWISTED FOLK"... our song "CIRCUS RIDE" features Bumble and one wickedly tuned 12 string acoustic guitar and Elsewhere's vocals and lyrics..."If your into open tunings ya gotta check this song out"...bumble.