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Australia's greatest operatic discovery to be launched in Europe

Sunday, February 28, 2010 - http://www.youtube.com/gracebawden

Teenage operatic sensation Grace Bawden, 17, has just signed an agreement for European management by Producer, Manager, Promoter & Entrepreneur, Mr Gennaro de Concilio (Jerry).

“This is a real thrill to discover someone with such great talent,” Jerry said. “Grace’s market potential for Europe is massive and I hope Australia realizes how very special she is.”

The chance introduction between Grace and Jerry took place through Adelaide-based, Managing Director of Rave Model International Management, Ms Elle Mercedes. Elle has been captivated by the young Soprano since she was 13, after an impromptu performance at a modeling course she had attended and didn’t hesitate to recommend her to her Italian friend, Jerry.

Grace Bawden said “I can’t believe my luck. I dreamed about getting to Italy, but the thought of a Manager for all of Europe is even bigger than I could have imagined. Nothing would be bigger than to dream about singing with Tenors like Placido Domingo or Andrea Bocelli, or getting to the La Scala Academy, but if I get to Italy, who knows? I might get a little closer to realizing that dream.”

Best friend of Ms Popi Fabrizio (former A&R of BMG and Universal, Italy), Gennaro brings a great deal of experience to the union having previously staged the Pavarotti Farewell Concert in Milan, with the patronage of Luciano Pavarotti family and Italian Government Institutions, and has managed Maestro Janos Acs, who conducted the Three Tenors and the Beijing Opera in “Turandot” with the direction of Zhang Yimou.

“I am so excited,” Gennaro said, “that I cannot wait to finalise our master-plan that will include big names in the Italian music scene. We want only the best, under music, communication, style and social responsibility.”

For Further Contact, in Australia: Mr Max Markson, Markson Sparks: +61 412 501 601 or, in Italy, Mr Gennaro de Concilio on +39 346 847 1141 or +39 041 42 66 730.


"Gifts of Grace" Debut Album now available on-line

Dear Friends

This month promises to be exciting as Grace's Debut Album is launched nationally, through a television marketing campaign.

"Gifts of Grace" is also now available on-line at www.gracebawden.com

Last week Grace was awarded "Living Legend" of the City of Salisbury for her charitable works, which is a real honour for her and she has been chosen as a Youth Ambassador for the wonderful Youth Opportunities program.

Grace's Debut filmclip "Man of Colours" has been given the blessing of its writer and composer, Iva Davies, which is a major thrill as he is a real Australian music industry icon. The clip can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_edMrnWIRFk

As Grace is an independent artist, she is reliant on her fans and supporters to spread the word. We'd be most grateful if you would post widgets to her ReverbNation site on your websites and forums.

Grace is in the process of selecting and recording new and original tracks for her next album which promises to take crossover music to a totally new level. We have recently been given the opportunity of exploring musical possibilities with one of Eastern Europe's most exciting bands, Balkanika, with several pieces written for Grace. Check them out at http://www.sanja-balkanika.com/

In the meantime, we are still in search of new investors to help us with the marketing of the existing project and to help us kick-start the second album project. For more details, please go to www.gracebawden.com or write to us at gracebawdenpromotions@gmail.com

There is much more, but we will save that for a surprise another day.

Love to you all x



There are many people who have helped me throughout my professional journey - people who believed in me and who gave freely of their time, support and advice and to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude. Firstly, Rowan London and Michaela Lucas my early singing teachers who made singing lessons loads of fun. Beverley Peart my enduring singing teacher, who has always stood by me and supported me to give my best. Without her technical guidance and advice, I wouldn't be here! Steve and Marion Heard, Gary Archer, David Dare and John and Jennifer Chiplin and countless others who have helped raise money for debut project and making my dream a reality.

Audius Mtawarira who makes hours and days in a studio exciting. You're the man!!! Jamie Huber of Hype33, for years of advice and support and answering every phone call and email. Their faith in my talent gave me something to aim for and my trips to Sydney were truly something I will never forget. Jim Murphy, for the design and maintenance of my original website. Stephen Perkins, Gabriel Owen, Javed Shah and John Abbott for all the time spent in helping by running errands, fixing things and being on hand whenever something needed to be done - however trivial - so that Mum could be with me. Jeff Dykes and Aussie Kanck for their wonderful photographic skills and for helping me put together my very first promotional shots. Nigel Jones (Karma) for his generous spirit in putting the original demo tracks together which led me to The Sound Academy. Bruce Raymond, Richard Wilkins and Mark Holden for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talent before my first appearance on "Australia's Got Talent".

Thanks to all the production team, cast, crew and contestants associated with Australia's Got Talent. It was an experience I will always treasure. Special thanks to Dorian West, Scott Griffiths and Sally Cooper. It was a real privilege to share the same stage as you. Thanks to Max Markson and his staff, for the best management and always looking out for me.

Thanks also to Millena Pedic and her daughter Tiana (she rocks!), Dr. Catherine Crock, The Hush Collection, Young Australia Productions, Corinne Morris, Michele Hudson, Keith Thomas, Gavin Wood and my many Facebook and My Space friends including Norma Huxter (UK), Jon Christos (UK), Jac Dalton (South Australia) and the scores of other people who have continually provided my team with guidance, advice and ideas. Apologies to the many people not mentioned here who have played a role in my successes, small or large. You are not forgotten. Bless you all! Thanks to all my family - Baba, Deda, Uncles, Aunties and cousins for the many sacrifices they have made to get me this far. Finally, a huge "Thank You!" to my many fans who have followed my successes and cheered me on from the very beginning.

I love you all!

Grace Bawden

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When did you know you could sing?

A. Mum says I could sing before I could speak a sentence as I used to mimic sounds, including my Grandad snoring. When I was around 3, she said I could sing nursery rhymes better than any other kid she’d ever heard and she knew then I had a voice. She reckons I could also remember lyrics really quickly.

Q. When did you start singing lessons?

A. Around 6 yo, but Mum tried to get me to singing lessons when I was 3, except no teacher would take me that young. When I was 6. Mum found a new music store that opened up looking for customers, so I went there for 3 years. I started lessons after Mum heard some beautiful operatic singing through the house while sitting in her bedroom. When she tried to find out where the music was coming from, my Dad told her it was me, but she didnt believe him as I didn’t speak Italian and couldn’t sing opera. So, she checked the televisions and radios in the far end of the house before walking into my room, next to hers, to find me mimicking an Italian opera. That was when she realised she had to get me to lessons.

Q. Do you ever get nervous?

A. Sometimes, but mostly I try to get excited and turn the nerves into something positive. If I have a big occasion coming up, I always do the mental preparation and visualise how I want it to turn out. I try to be "in the zone" and tell the story of my music so I don’t have to focus too much on the audience. I practice a lot of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also and use it to help me perfect my vocal technique too.