New Totem CD Song Prerelease on Remix Your Future NYC Compilation CD

The new Workers® Totem CD prerelease of my tune "Big Time" is now available on Remix Your Future Presents: The Best of the City - New York City Edition for the low, low price of only 99 cents!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/remix-your-future-presents/id897170081

New Scintillating Bio

Hard-working New York musician Dan Greenwald is the man behind the moniker The Workers. A musical force to be reckoned with during the '90s, the eclectic band was often compared to The Talking Heads meets Frank Zappa.

Dan got his start playing clarinet in the elementary school band, although he quickly switched to cello. He was privately classically trained, and played in school orchestras till graduation from New Rochelle H.S. In college he switched to guitar and self-instructed till ’91, when he began formal study. That same year, Dan created the first incarnation of his alternative, NYC rock unit The Workers-penning original music for the band.

The Workers released their first full-length album "East Bronx Epiphany" in 2000. This experimental punk-jazz magnum opus of old and new material became a top local seller for 2 years at the Yonkers, NY Tower Records outlet; and, allowed the band to continue to record new music and perform live to their growing fan base. After many band shuffles The Workers became a solo outlet for its founder in ‘06, and in the ensuing years Dan has continued to make music in New York. He returned to SkyeLab Studios, where he completed the first album, to record his next effort. With the help of songwriter Glenn Owens, and studio musicians Jim Mussen and Mike Leslie, a second album was released in 2009. The e.p. entitled "Theatre of the Distraught" featured 4 songs that again captured the rock n' roll free spirit of The Workers. It received attention from internet radio, and Dan's music was ultimately showcased on legendary bassist Mike Watt's free-form radio show "Watt from Pedro Show."

In 2011, Dan entered semi-retirement to actualize his lifelong dream of pursuing music full-time. His potent songwriting ability has thrice earned him the prestigious ASCAPLUS Popular Division Award. Of note, Dan's video-“Janine”-was featured in Episode 48 of the highly selective TV program The Indie Music Video Show (TIMVS). TIMVS broadcasts to a potential viewing audience of 4 million-via public access TV across America and on the internet. As well, The Workers’ music has climbed as high as #32 on their respective ReverbNation NYC rock chart.

Currently, Dan is recording his 3rd CD “Totem” (a 3 song endeavor) with renowned engineer/producer Will Hensley behind the controls. Will has recorded top acts such as Cold Play, John Mayer, and Shakira. For this weighty task, Dan has engaged top-notch local and remote studio musicians. Keep your ear to the rail for news regarding the upcoming official “Totem” release!!

My First North Carolina Gig!!

I’m playing my first gig outside the metro NY region!!!! I’ve always dreamed about touring, and this is the initial step toward its realization.

I’m booked April 26th at The Railhouse Brewery in Aberdeen, North Carolina. (I’ll also have a number of informal, showcase, play opportunities while I’m there.) Railhouse, founded in 2010, specializes in brewing malt barley-focused beer; and, has won multiple awards in their state.

I’m opening at Railhouse for Markers Marc, a local, acoustic, retro, cover rock duo featuring Marc Thibodeau and Pat Maier. Markers Marc gigs regularly along the Pinehurst, NC bar circuit. The gig was procured by my close friend and super fan Terry Cameron Marquez, who is a successful consultant for the fabulous botanical skin-care company Arbonne. I’ll be traveling via Amtrak Silver Star rail service which stops in Southern Pines, NC. Southern Pines is one town away from Aberdeen.

To digress, my current 3 song CD recording project-to be titled “Totem”- is going amazingly well under the stewardship of famed engineer/producer Will Hensley. (Will has been involved in recording rock luminaries such as Cold Play and John Mayer. He works regularly out of Electric Ladyland studios in Manhattan.) I’m happy to announce that the CD recording phase is nearly complete!!! Song mixing will be initiated shortly-Mr. Hensley will be responsible for this process as well. Will also plays electric guitar and pedal steel on the CD. In short, he’s been pivotal in shaping the sound of my upcoming release.

Recording Update

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted an update. That’s because my musical plans have been mired in gridlock over the last half year. After I found a cash buyer for my former co-op last April, it took 5 additional months for the dysfunctional board to approve the sale.

Early last November, I was finally able to relocate to Middle Village, Queens. I’m now situated in a beautiful and affordable 1 bedroom rental apt. with a 15 minute walk to the subway. Bushwick/Brooklyn, ground zero for the metro NYC art scene, is only 7 subway stops away!! I’ve already performed 5 times at the Goodbye Blue Monday (GBM) open mic located in that neighborhood. I’m sequentially moving through my 24-song live set at the venue. I’ve already completed 15 songs at GBM, which has resulted in quite a local buzz.

Also, my new recording is finally underway!! I’ve retained well known engineer/producer-Will Hensley-who’s worked with major artists such as Cold Play, John Mayer, and Shakira. On Feb. 3rd-at Degraw Sound in Brooklyn-we laid down live bass and drums, and added acoustic rhythm guitar on 3 new originals. Lead vocals are due next. Once that occurs, 2-track mixes will be sent to remote players in England, Canada, and the U.S. to add their respective parts. Mr. Hensley will also be doing the mixing. I’m really happy with the tracks we’ve finished so far, and anticipate this 3-song e.p. will be a true crowd pleaser once it’s complete!!

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

It’s been a while since I published my last blog, so here it goes. I’m finalizing the sale of my co-op next Tuesday. That gives me 60 days to find a rental in the Bushwick/Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. I’m choosing this area to live because it’s ground zero of the metro NY art scene. This is the first time I’ll be living in an art district, and I’m very excited about the possibilities both personally and professionally.

The imminent sale of my co-op will also afford me a budget to record a new 10-song original CD. I have lots of ambitions for my next CD, and hope it will be my best effort ever!! I plan to lay down the basic tracks-drums, bass, rhythm guitar, lead vocals-in Brooklyn studios. Each song will be farmed out remotely to notable indie artists all over the over the world to add backing tracks. I plan to complete one song before moving to the next. Musical and engineering personnel will shift over the course of the project to add fresh creativity.

In the realm of live performance, I just successfully completed my Brooklyn solo debut at the hip club Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick. I’ll be returning there next month on Sat. May 18th at 10 pm. After that I’ll be scouring Brooklyn for more venues which are particularly receptive to my genre.

Well, that sums it up for now!! I appreciate all the support I receive from fans and friends, and would like to take this opportunity to again thank the myriad number of folks that continue to propel my fulltime music career forward in a meaningful way.

Your One-Stop Destination For All Things Workers!!

I am so proud of my new modern and inventive music website. I hope you’ll share my zeal as you explore its many nooks and crannies. It was a formidable creative adventure assisting premier web designer Douglas Garnett, of Skope Magazine, in its construction. The site loads almost immediately, yet is still richly detailed. Its backdrop celebrates early 1900’s American steamboat craftsmen from Elizabeth, PA. An automatic 8-song streaming player, with separate lyrical accompaniment, features Workers songs spanning my entire musical history. Here you’ll also find: a free song download, music videos, performance photos, live play schedule, links to social media and online music stores, album reviews, a recent Skope Magazine interview, and an email sign-up. And my regularly updated tweet widget allows me to quickly shout out my trenchant world view. Bookmark this site so you don’t miss out on new scintillating Workers developments!! http:\\www.theworkersmusic.com

My video "Greed" featured by Skope Magazine!!

I'm really excited about my new Skope Magazine promo deal. I recently submitted "Greed" through Sonicbids, and it was picked up Skope and featured on their home page. They offered me a promo package which was very affordable. At first, I wondered whether they could deliver what they promised at such a low price. I've since discovered-to my chagrin-they are a serious internet presence that can really catapult my music career forward. I guess I've been approached by so many chiselers that sometimes it's hard for me to separate the signal from the noise. My campaign is about to be launched!! I can't wait to see the results.

Dan Greenwald 1st TV Appearance!!

Dan Greenwald proudly announces that his new music video "Janine" is currently being featured in Episode 48 of The Indie Music Video Show. The highly selective video program will reach a potential viewing audience of 4 million people, via conventional public access TV across the USA and internet TV. Watch at http:\\www.theindiemusicvideoshow.com

Music Video "Janine" Picked Up For TV Broadcast!!

My music video "Janine" has been accepted for broadcast on The Indie Music Video Show, and will air in about a week on the TV stations listed in the link below, with the potential to reach 4 million viewers: http://www.theindiemusicvideoshow.com/id5.html More specific information as to date and time of broadcast will be forthcoming. Thanks for all your support!!

Fanning all my reverb fans

Finally getting down to visiting the music pages of my 17 reverb fans, listening to their tunes, and opening communication lines with them (if they even remember me). Long overdue, I confess. Guess, I was seduced by Facebook for a while.