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Bliss Fest 2013

Wow, Bliss Fest was one of the best festivals we attended, beautiful location, sweetest people, from organisers, volunteers and all other Blissers. and we were well received. yay.

Staying local

With the help of James, we're working on getting more local gigs. Would be nice to stay in the neighborhood.

New song and more gigs coming up

We were almost finished with our second album, but at the last minute we decided to add one more song, we knew that by adding this song we're prolonging our dead line, but when the song's name is: "New age has begun" it was clear, we'll add this song to our new album, name this album "A new age has begun", finish it first, and release it on 2012 !! so here it is. Enjoy

To life!

It's been a busy and fun summer, most concerts we did in one summer, no van yet, roof rack on the truck got us the extra space we needed for gear. Zohar ( who just turned four) was a champ, thank god for fairy grandmothers. 2 shows coming up, one in San Rafael, one in Garberville. more later.